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Author Topic: GunBot Linux NoobInstaller, Configure your Server and Install Gunbot in one Step  (Read 3990 times)


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Hello everybody,
here is a simple Installer Script i had typed to help a friend to setup GunBot very easy on Linux without kowledge in only one Step.  :o
Or for Advanced users to save some time...  ;)
Based on beer-k0inīs Setup GUNBOT v3.3.2 in less than 5 minutes (linux)       Big thanks for that!

What is the different:
This Script is for Install on fresh Linux Server in Ubuntu without any knowledge! (also works on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint but not tested)

It Configure your Server with:
   -update & upgrade
   -install Package Sources 
      autoconf bison build-essential libssl-dev libyaml-dev libreadline6-dev zlib1g-dev libncurses5-dev libffi-dev libgdbm3 libgdbm-dev git libjson0 libjson0-dev ruby-build

Also make your Server the minimum Save:
   -install fail2ban
   -add user master01 for Login with a home directory
   -close the Root Login

Setting Up the Gunbot with Gunbot-monitor
   -Download Runscript

You can run the Install Script in only one Step:

Login with Terminal as root into your Server,

Copy and Paste this and it will start:

Code: [Select]
cd /home
chmod 0755 /home/

Follow the Instructions, Say YES and type in new Password for the Login User!
After finish the Install of GunBot, Itīs Done! You dont need to be root to watch the Monitor from anywhere.

You can Login with master01 and run
Code: [Select]
./ from home directory. (cd /home/master01)

To start Gunbot use the
Code: [Select]
ginit as root.

If you want to be the root after login with master01 type command:
Code: [Select]
su rootThats it!

User Commands:   
./      Start Monitor with          gmon -csPr 120 -p /path/to/GB/ --hide-inactive 1 -d 3

You are able to change or add the runscript with:
nano /home/master01/

I think it is possible for everyone to use a cheap and stable Linux-Server with this (for less than 4$ a month or a RaspberryPI)
It is a very simple Script you can see, if you have some ideas to add pls write some feedback here.
The Ruby Package isnīt needed, but i am trying to use it for a webinterface.

Have Fun!

If you like it i will be happy about a small Donation of course  ;D
BTC 1KEiHpVTedyYS4Uso6icgg91qPD7kPz5uf
ETH 0x76EAF13939b45A71E30Ec33Fb7fe3111FE1F2b6f
Thank You!

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Fixed Path to GB in Monitor Runscript,
to default: