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Author Topic: Gunbot v15 is out  (Read 1137 times)

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Gunbot v15 is out
« on: December 12, 2019, 04:56:02 PM »
Gunbot v15 is out, main changes:

- This release aims to correct major bugs that have been reported in v14 edition
 - it also continues our job of new exciting implementations:
 1.- you can start to play with AutoConfig
 2.- you can start to play with UTA (Ultimate Technical ANALyzer): a tool that allows you to select any indicator and create your own combo for your own strategy
 3.- we merged Gunbot, bitRage and Market Maker in one single product: if your license allows you to access those sections, you can now use one single executable to run them all at same time
 4.- this is the last release with the old GUI: a new exciting and awesome GUI is about to see its beta run in VIP room and before Xmas we will be able to play with it
 complete changelogs are here:

 A personal note about exchanges, GUNTHY token and what's the present and the future:
 - in this release we implemented the entire ccxt library: it means you can now use your Gunbot for over 130 exchanges
 - the ccxt library is a technical library, not meant to endorse any exchange
 - i'm observing a general low sentiment about exchanges and their reliability: we have seen many of them going down one by one by one
 - last but not the least, IDAX exchange is now down: our tokens on that exchange are lost
 - there is no way for me to get back those tokens, nor the smart contract allows us to do anything on those tokens
   personally i've lost more than 1.2M of tokens on that platform
What are we going to do about this situation:
 1.- if you hold GUNTHY tokens at IDAX and those tokens were allowing your Gunbot license to run: PM me your wallet address and i'll refill your account on a new GUNTHY address
 2.- if you hold GUNTHY tokens at IDAX and those tokens were extra tokens outside your Gunbot allowance: pm me your wallet address and i'll add you to our special operations we are doing to fuck with those thieves
 (point 2 doesnt assure you will get back your tokens but i've a dedicated team of people that are monitoring those tokens and if something will go as i expect, we will likely be able to seize those tokens in the future)
 3.- in a very near future (talking about hours or days) we will be able to start playing with GUNTHY exchange at
4.- special conditions for GUNTHY holders and for Gunbot license owners will apply on there: it is not my personal exchange, i want it to be the first community owned exchange
 Enjoy and remember i'm always open to listen about your opinion, despite i'm a brat