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Author Topic: Two issues and solutions to make this bot better  (Read 5407 times)

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Two issues and solutions to make this bot better
« on: April 08, 2017, 09:47:13 AM »
From Polo with some added details....

Current Avg Buy/Sell

GNT: the avg buy was 6423 and avg sell was only 6502.  That is about .013 or 1.3%.  The avg sell should have been 6615
BTS: the avg buy was 697 and avg sell was only 702.  Basically 1%.  The avg sell should have been 718/719
MAID: the avg buy was 16104 and avg sell was only 16184.
All my sets are like this.  In my config, I had no sell level less than 3%

To keep it simple for my testing, I put 1 and 3 in the "buy level 1" and "sell level 1" and then left the "buy level" and "sell level" at 1/1.  It should be selling my coins at a 3% increase from the purchase price if this is correct.. "first level margin to sell when currency increases its value (example: sell when currency increases 2% of paid)"

it "tries" to sell at the level you set: any trend reverse on that level will fallback to the previous level or above.

I have yet to see it "try" to sell at any level close to my configs.  The bot has done a decent job of trying to pick an entry point but so far I have only seen it set a sell price and wait.  As I pointed out above, those sell prices are nowhere near the level I configured.  As of right now, in its current configuration I made 1.3057usd today.  I traded 5-7 pairs most of the day.  There are a handful of other coins that need to sell but at the current bot pricing level that would not amount to much. 

I have 2 major complaints but if addressed, these fixes would make this a wonderful tool. 

1) The bot does not buy enough coins even though I have the bitcoins for it to use
This could be a setting issue.  I am brand new to this bot.  After trying different settings, the bot "buy logic" doesn't seem right to me.  Here is the issue...  For most of the day the bot would only purchase around .005btc worth of any coin at a time.  Sometimes it would make multiple purchases before the first order was sold.  I guess this is due to the price coming down before the sell price was reached.  This action is completely fine but at most I had 1 coin with 5 purchases before the low sell prices were finally triggered.  As of the typing of this message, I have 3 coins with 2 separate purchases.  The rest have 1.  If the bot spent up to the .1-.5 bitcoin I specified in the configs for each coin, my 1.30usd profit to this point would have been at least 10x this amount. 

Give us the option to specify how much of the "Max balance to trade" should be used for a purchase.  So, for example, we could config .5 as the max to be spent on one coin at any given time but the bot should spend at least .1 per trade.  This way it can make multiple purchases if the price declines from the initial entry.

2) The bot does not sell for the price I want it to.
As I pointed out above, the bot does not place a sell order anywhere close to my specified config.  I can understand the bot trying to figure out the best point of sell but I don't think this is working right and it is costing me a better return. 
For example, today was the first time I traded BTS so it will be easy for me to look at the history and layout this conservative example. 
 - During my trading window, BTS had a range between 665 and 730. 
 - Looking at the 15 min candles, there were 5 entry points at 693 sats and 3 exits at 714 (3% profit margin). 
 - The bot had a purchase range from 691 to 718 and a sell range from 698 to 711. 
 - I have 2 pending sell orders because the bot made purchases at 712 and 718. 
 - Not counting those two orders, there was an avg buy of 697 and sell of 702.  Way under my 3% config. 

Why did the bot not try to exit at those 3 point for my 3% profit margin?  Because the bot did not set the sell orders at the config level I set, it cost me .6192usd and if we were trading at 10x the amount that would be 6.192usd just on this one pair during this small window.  These are compounding problems.  I am not sure how the bot logic and calculations work BUT if the bot calculated that a sell price was not achievable and adjusted the price down, I would be 100% satisfied with that action but this is not what I am seeing.  As far as I can tell, the bot picks a good entry and then sets its own random sell order and forgets it.

We need the option to hard set a profit margin.  Give us a config option that removes the bot sell logic and just sets the sell at what ever profit we config.  This would allow us to run two sets of bots.  One that does a calculated buy/sell and one that does a calculated buy and a hard sell.  One bot can day trade small ranges and another can be set to hold out a little longer for a bigger reward.

It is 3:45am here so I'm done for now.  If anything needs clarification, I'll respond back tomorrow. 

PS: Make the forum font larger.  The font is super small for me[/size]

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Re: Two issues and solutions to make this bot better
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2017, 11:01:13 AM »

From what i can read from your post, you are not using the supergun strategy: you are using the 1000trades strategy.

The supergun strategy works exactly with those step gain levels: the 1000trades is a ping pong above and below ema1 and ema2 (and yes using only 10% of what you set in MAX BALANCE "per trade")

So all suggestions you mentioned above are to be reviewed.

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Re: Two issues and solutions to make this bot better
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2017, 05:34:14 PM »
Before going to bed I noticed that 2 bots were running but hadn't done anything at all.  I leave the polo "open orders" window open to keep an eye on what is happening.  It appeared as though these bots were stuck in a sell position without ever making a purchase.  The "price target to sell" had a value but when I checked polo, there were never any coins purchased.  These were new pairs with nothing in the trade history.  I restarted the bots and then at some point last night after going to bed, everything froze. 

Yes, I only tested the 1000trades yesterday.  I'm testing out the Supergun on a couple pairs today.  I'll post later with some feed back.

Going on 24 hours now, I am up to .00265717 in earnings with the bot. 

The 1000trades strategy worked but it would have worked awesome if we had the 2 options I was talking about above.  I am using the same basic strategy but manually and that netted me .10857462btc just in the last 24 hours.  I am manually trading more btc than the bot has access to right now but the bot's 24hr total should have been 10x the current amount.  The bot has the potential to far surpass what I can do and should because I can't focus on trading like a bot can.