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Author Topic: can somebody please help me ? how to make profits, if btc go up ?  (Read 4715 times)

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hello together,

i had already ask it, but maybe the wrong forum ?!

can somebody please tell me, how to make profits, if the btc price goes up ?

mostly if the btc price go up, like a rocket, the trend against other cryptos go down ?!

but how can gunbot make profits in this case ?

for example......

the price is low....
gunbot buy....
the price dont go up, so that gunbot dont can sell.....but the price fall more and more....
thats mean, there is an open trade, that prevents, that gunbot can make more trades....
they are now three options:
i close the trade on my own....
i wait that the price fall so deep, that the gunbot stop-los will close the trade....
i hope that the btc price go massiv down or the price of the other crypto go up....

all my balance (with very much pairs !) is in trades like that since four days and gunbot stands still....
ok, ok i can wait, but i dont think, that the price of btc will massiv fall in the next time and if i close all the trades on my own, than i think that will happen again and again..........

what can i do ?

change the "security margin" ?
or change the "% of gain" to a lower value (atm is between 1,5 and 6%, depending to the pair)

strategie is russian roulette......

ok another possibility where, to trade only usdt/btc.....
but this dont work ........

how do you make profits ? is supergun a better choise ?

at first gunbot work realy good (with russian roulette and bollinger bands) that the btc price fly to haven and it stops working....

i know ups and downs are normal, but it looks like that they are very less downs in the btc trend atm and in the future....

please help me  :(

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Re: can somebody please help me ? how to make profits, if btc go up ?
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2017, 09:48:15 PM »
hi magictrade,

do not worry this is the nature of the Bitcoin versus Altcoins and Fiat

When the price of BTC (XBT) rises then Fiat and Alts lower in price
The Amounts You have on Your balances remain the same, the value of the alts decreases.

This is a good thing as that is why we trade.

but whatif I am holding bags (balances in altcoins) ?
You can:  - sell as soon as possible while still break even or minimum loss
                - wait till prices rise again
                - lend out the alt for %
                - arbitrage hop to other markets like ETH XMR USDT
                - buy more alts and see it as an opportunity to be able to buy more for less of the 
                  coin you believe will rise again after the dust has settled  and
                  people stop panicking

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Re: can somebody please help me ? how to make profits, if btc go up ?
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2017, 11:05:11 AM »
You should keep atleast half of your portfolio in BTC stored in a hardware wallet or cold storage. That way for example if BTC goes up, you can deposit more to polo and keep trading without selling your bags at a loss. Problem solved.
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