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1. Create all of your preferred currency pairs (like BTC & USDT) through whatever method you prefer.

2. Remove strategy from ALL_PAIRS & add strategy Buy: PINGPONG 0 along with whatever Sell mode you prefer to individual pairs.

3. Open all of your multi currency pairs at once, yes that's right, all at once, BTC & USDT in perfect harmony.

Why? Because now you are in "Hot Standby" which means you will be polling and collecting data, but your multi currency pairs won't step on each other's toes because the overlapping ones are both set to Buy: PINGPONG 0 (meaning they'll never buy). Then you can change Buy: to whatever you prefer on one of the overlapping pairs without worry about putting them both into a feeding loop.

This means you won't need multiple exchange accounts. This also means when you see the market turn south and want to trade USDT, you won't need to wait hours for BB data to generate on your USDT pairs, they are "Hot" and ready. Also maybe you have pairs that you "sometimes" run, you can now have those hounds ready to release at a moment's notice as well. Want to try a new strategy out on just one pair? Check. Want to tune each pair for movement? Check.

(Notice: No
Ehy, thank you for sharing with us your knowledge, i'm a very newbie and i had some question...

1) I've already created my Pairs cuz are running now with a strategy, let's assume that i want to trade BTC_ETH with BB & BB , and BTC_ETH with SG SG, What i must do ??? just modify allpairs-params.js?

2) I have not any setting in allpairs params, is empty, what i must do? copy the BTC_XXX config. that is already running and modify the code by deleting BTC_XXX to make this works with all pairs?  "PINGPONG 0" must be replaced in Buy strategy, like this "BUY_STRATEGY: 'PINGPONG 0 " , or you must put 0 here " // PINGPONG
  PINGPONG_BUY: 0, // [DEFAULT: 0.000001] " ? Once that you have done it, i must replace the buy strategy of all my pairs one by one?

3)  Can you post some your own Allpairs config for help me what i must do for do that? i will understand more and i can copy and paste yours and modify the setting as i want

4) For starting the same pairs but with different config, how i must do? just with gadd or pm2 btc_xxx ecc ecc ?

Thank you in advise


As a supernOOb as i am, i have some question...

1) In the last 2 days, i've tried to install gunbot on a Linux VPS ( AWS Free Tier) i've done it, but probably i think that i've started too much pairs infact i think that i've overcharged my VPS, my PUTTY was not more able to connect again to the Terminal, i've tried from 2 different computers and the terminal starts but there aren't any characters, so i see only a Black Windows, it seems like when you're computer is using 100 % CPU, why is happens this??

2) So it was a lot difficoult for me to not have a GUI, so i've tried to open an AWS windows tier, gunbot starts but shows everytimes error 403, so probably it seems impossible to make it work... how can i solve my error 403 in win vps?

3) From the linux terminal, how can i have the log to see if gunbot work well?

4) I was not able to restart again my pairs, because i'm a really noob and when i've started again my putty i had to restart all my pairs, how can i load it ??

Thank you for the reply  ;D

I will tip you  ;) very helpful ...

Just a quick question, (nOOb question) , i have AWS Vps, what does happens if i shutdown my PC?  I've done all from Putty, what happens if i close putty and i shut down my pc ?
How can i make this bot still work in every moments without my computer working?

Beginners & Help / How to solve Error 422??
« on: July 10, 2017, 03:15:54 PM »
Hi GUys,

I'm a new user of Gunbot, i've left Gunbot working  for about 10 Hours with 8 different pairs, but nothing happens, my gunbot is not able to buy and sell, i use the BB setting, i've read on the Log that the error that appear is Error 422, how can i solve this problem?

I think that is for that problem the reason why my bot doesn't buy and sell coins....

Can someone help a noob as me?

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