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Amazing who would have thought that adjusting the time frame would have such a huge impact....

Which version of gunbot are you using with this? (I assume 5.0.55?)
Big thanks!

For 5 minute charts on Bittrex, using 5.0.5, should the SMAPERIOD not be 120? Also using Sjakil's gui I should add. Thanks for all of your hard work and knowledge!

On v5.0.5.5 for Bittrex, you should now have GUNTHY_API=false, and then the SMAPERIOD should be 10 if you want to match SJakil's GUI charts.

For v5.0.5.5, the only candles that should be using the GUNTHY_API is 15 (for Bittrex only).
As we on 55 are no longer calculating SMAPERIOD but simply entering either default 20 or 10 SMAPERIOD for Sjakils GUI:

For 15 minute candles on SMAPERIOD:20
Set GunthyAPI=true:
EMA1: 8,
EMA2: 4,
(Do these stay unchanged when using SMAPERIOD:10?)

For 5 minute candles on SMAPERIOD:20
EMA1: 24,
EMA2: 12,
(Do these stay unchanged when using SMAPERIOD:10?)

1 minute intervals at SMAPERIOD:20
EMA1: 120,
EMA2: 60,
(Do these stay unchanged when using SMAPERIOD:10?)

My question that remains is regarding these values, to change or not to change?:
"interval_ticker_update": 15000,
"period_storage_ticker": 2000,

For those of you braving the v5.0.5.x nightly builds, with the closing proxy server ( please note that if you're using the proxy either because that's the version, or using GUNTHY_API = true, the server closing array uses traditional chart units. So don't use 720, use 20.

If you switch GUNTHY_API to false, you need to go back to 720.
This is a bit confusing  :o :D

Im currently still on 5.0.4 but thinking of upgrading to the new nightly 5.0.54.
I hear on Bittrex, the only method to get good calculation is with GUNTHY_API=true
So to match exchanges with 15 minute intervals set 20
and 5 minute period use SMAPERIOD=6.7?

Then with "true" you must use SMAPERIOD=10 to match Sjakil's GUI

If you like 5-min candles, use SMAPERIOD= 3.3 to match Sjakil?

If this is the case ouldn't it make life easier when adjusting buy / sell levels in GunthyGUI to ignore BB and look at the candles instead of adjusting everything to fit the GUI?

Read somewhere it suited a more agressive trading style, will look it up and post the link.

Thanks, I'm currently using 20/5 or 15/5 for fast action and default catch pump not sluggish 50/5 and use 150/20 for long rides even 250/10 when neo goes at it again ;) for these settings!, still I sometimes see a pair with a +3profit in the gui and keep myself from intervening even tho highly overbought etc, but I almost always regret it... When the candle/price changes it doesn't catch it , sort of defeats the purpose of trendwatcher (i know its more history trend, but it should act damm quick and catch that as it's not going to get a heads up...same as fast oversold dips and sometimes it does, could this be due to running to many pairs?? I still feel I need to baby sit it ;D. (Even the hi-lo-hi stepgain settings won't catch it when a candle collapse i've seen btw) What could we do to safe guard our profits like a stop take profit feature, a conditional order would also be too late i'm guessing, but then again why aren't stop losses? mmmm still a lot to learn.. ;)

Ah awesome thanks for clarifying this.

Perhaps unrelated but not entirely sure..
Do you know how to make gunbot more sell happy, I have seen it go over step2 in the GUI green +1.3% or something similar then drop back without a sale, kida feels it needs baby sitting...  ???

Maybe a slightly tweaked version "STDV": 1.9 would be more aggressive? I'm pretty sure EMA doesn't do anything I can pick up on, tried bbstepgain with 5 minute interval with EMA 1 + EMA 2 with:
2000/1000, 200/50, 4/2, also tried 8/4 really cannot notice any difference..;)
AVGPOINTS from default 250-15 still had missed sells now trieing this bbstepgain setting which either way it has to go up or sell but even this simply does not always detect quick enough:

Yesterday made a nice 5.6% sell with this config on poloniex:

By the way this is on topic..: Do you have the correct SMA EMA1, EMA2 and BB settings for Poloniex for me? It doen't quite look right..  :D And can't seem to find the post anymore..

"bbstepgain": {
         "BTC_TRADING_LIMIT": 0.02,
         "PERIOD": 5,
         "HIGH_BB": -5,
         "LOW_BB": 5,
         "STDV": 2,
         "SMAPERIOD": 360,
// even set it to 15 minute candles i see lol.. now returned to default 150 for bbstepgain
         "SELLLVL1": 1,
         "SELLLVL2": 0.9,
//have these higher noew but seeing it nicely uses what it needs from level 3 then sells im sticking with lover values that ensure a sell when it's in reach when it drops back it can buy again!
         "SELLLVL3": 70,
//also varied using lower values for this as it might be selling faster if set to 10, don't think so..
         "SELLLVL": 2,
         "LASTPOINTS": 5, //toying aroind with more avg points like 10
         "AVGPOINTS": 35,
// often have this around 50 or so 20 had it sell to early on an uptrend , but when debagging have set this to lover values like 15 which didn't make it anny more trigger happy when it comes to selling..
         "AVGMINIMUM": 1e-8,
         "EMA1": 4,
         "EMA2": 2,
         "PANIC_SELL": false,
         "DOUBLE_UP": false,
         "STOP_LIMIT": 75,
         "BUY_ENABLED": true,
         "MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY": 0.02,
         "MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL": 0.0195

Currently checking out if this stepgain config works as intended and level one makes it sell and how it performs!

Wow, great post, very helpful!

This is probably very obvious to most of you, but why does pure BB strategy use "SMAPERIOD": 50 and and others like the bbstepgain, bbgain "SMAPERIOD": 150? how does this correlate the the same BB?

I'm also a Sjakils GunthyGUI user and think those Bollinger Bands are pretty odd.. When looking for optimal buy sell levels and it's often totally curved/diagonal.. Due to it being a small part on the screen only.. Would love a uniform way and same BB everywhere, thanks! Will try your settings and looking forward to Sjakils next update!


Technical Support & Development / Re: Bugs/Issues tracker v3.3.2
« on: July 02, 2017, 10:51:33 AM »
Security margin does NOT work, I have it set at 20 and have several bags at -24% it just doesn't sell

That is an excellent suggestion!  ;D

Btw somehow the P price and -E are connected somehow, i now get the error field when tying to get back the Profit field ( know it isn't accurate but it's motivation none the less  ;D  when i use say -c -s P -r 10 -H 3 theres no price field but do get a free error field ;)

let's see if it behaves better when i link these folders.
Will let you know what worked.

Mmmm im getting frustrated your idea looked perfect but no it gives:

with: @echo off

cd C:\Users\Administrator\Documents

gmon -p \PoloniexGUNBOT\gunbotProxy1.4\gunbotProxySettings1.2\gunbot:BittrexGUNBOT -c -sP -r 20 -H 3 -E

will try a single folder first perhaps... :-\

Heya love Gunbot Monitor.

I'm trying to write a script to watch two folders (on Windows Server 2016) separating the folders like this, results in an error because of the colons:

@echo off

gmon -p C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Bittrex GUNBOT_v3.3.2:C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Bittrex GUNBOT_v3.3.2

What is the correct way to enter file path in a windows environment?

Also reducing the refresh interval doesn't seem to work, it starts but it will not display any pairs.
Edit: adding a space between -sP made gmon -c -s P -r 10 -H 3 -E work
Edit2 The refresh rate worked but Price wasn't shown anymore, after some shuffling gmon P -c -s -r 10 -H 3 -E did the trick... :) but.... not for a lot of pairs somehow on polo with proxy....

Technical Support & Development / Re: Bugs/Issues tracker v3.3/v3.3.1
« on: June 22, 2017, 10:38:14 AM »

3.3.2 sold randomly at a loss on Polo:

*** MARKET CALLBACK | buy 172.09680509232965 LSK for 0.00058107 BTC
2017/06/05 06:56:22 *** MARKET CALLBACK | sell 171.83865989 LSK for 0.00057857 BTC
2017/06/05 11:25:54

BUYLVL1: 0.6,
BUYLVL3: 10,
SELLLVL1: 1.9,
SELLLVL2: 4.5,

And it's still doing double buys on Bittrex
EDIT: no more double buys since I switched VPS from Amazon to Contabo

I have the same and I'm almost sure it happens when some of buy lvls are below 2%.
Also on contabo here, but have had them there too, (also a pretty sluggish response from the VPS with mouse etc..must be windows server....) will look into this, but i doubt mine were below 2%, could be tho, so will keep an eye out for this

Technical Support & Development / Re: Bugs/Issues tracker v3.3.2
« on: June 21, 2017, 02:23:43 PM »
Currently, the bot will override it's buy price with the latest (manual buy) price.   It will then ignore any buy prices that it used before this... Only the last bought price in the My Trades book is used.
Yeah I've noticed that...
Also good to know: Gunbot cancels ALL your manual sell orders you might have set for some expensive manual trades that are expected to bounce back soon, but when you want gunbot to trade on smaller volatility while it returns to that point, can get pretty expensive....

Step Gain doesn't work: it sells in one go, most of the time at a profit (% yet to examine more closely)

Occasionally it sells at a loss.
(or very frequently when you think it's a smart idea to buy a pair that is being pumped to the moon (as price goes beyond upper BB GB thinks price is too high to buy) and you think its a great idea to use GB GAIN %, it will sell quickly again and again..., while you think you are doing great in this pump, it sells at its old sell price still set from it's last buy...(as kindly explained in post above) I learned it the hard way by pissing away a a few hundred bucks of coin in a state of euphoria  ;D ;D
(I only noticed it when I looked up the pair in even with the losses almost break even due to the pump :D)

OR: it doesn't sell when it should at Sell level 1 when you have a higher value in GAIN setting..
(I knew it defaults to GAIN when it lacks data so still had it at 5% (from the above gb & me pump adventure ;D) but this is after running for hours on bittrex with delay at 8/8)

I also have seen multiple buys at the same price, so I advise you reduce max trade as I have found 0.1 BTC can go down hill pretty quick....

So a high setting in GAIN can prevent SG from selling at a %profit set in Sell level 1, but I have also seen sells at a loss when it disregards GAIN setting (not sure if it happens early when GAIN is supposed to replace lack of data or of its something else). Nothing really big (yet) but would definitely double check your config for each pair (perhaps try GAIN 3 or maybe go for old-fashioned BB for now)

Multiple 0.1-0.2 BTC buys of a now plummeted short term shitcoin that was getting lots of action before you dozed off and that should have (all) sold at a profit you were trading before your little nap in front of your computer after having seen your manual sell orders "evaporate a nice chunk of your coins" can also be fun to wake up to. ;D :'( :'( :'(

This culmination (but memorable lesson) approximately farted away 1BTC in the last 20 hours. (not counting bags of BTC rise or altcoin dip, just plain stupid deletion of funds)

Check your configs and may your bots be kind to you.

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