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DCA Double Up issue


So I had enabled DCA on a strategy to test with, and ended up turning it back off.

However, the other little pieces stayed inside the config.js file (I'm doing all the setting through the web portal).
Didn't think anything of it as I was holding a bag for a long time, but the web portal still showed the DU Count on the coin as 1/2.

I enabled DCA on another strategy that was running and is likely better suited for it.

The first strategy's bag finally sold off and it bought back in. A little later it performed another DCA buy (which was disabled and showed false in the config.js file), which hosed the coin I was using DCA on getting me two new bags as it incorrectly tied up the funding.

Removed the first strategy's extra DCA settings directly in the config.js and it looks correct now on the web portal, but that was an unexpected surprise this morning when I woke up.

Also, the new DCA strategy on a coin with 106m trade volume showed some weird returns.

1. If the order results in multiple buys, each buy is counted as a singular DCA count instance.
2. DCA activity when set to .5 DU cap, maybe it's the individual orders, but it's not always following the rule as expected, some order strings are less, some are more (overall coin count)

I've had to set my DCA to something stupid like 20, it went through 9 buys and only sucked away about 20% of the set aside capital.
Order are set to Market and not Limit (got hosed a few times by the fill delay on limit), but it's like it's not tracking the return from the exchange to it's buy order for that DCA.
I'm hoping the bot is intelligent enough to realize if there's not enough USD on the balance sheet and to not attempt an order.


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