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Author Topic: TRADING_LIMIT  (Read 22 times)

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« on: October 23, 2020, 06:43:32 PM »

I have a problem with the TRADING_LIMIT parameter on strategy.
Because I want to catch the best opportunities, I set up that parameter to 10 (base currency, and it's not BTC :D ). But then, most buy orders are just 10 currency and never go over. On very rare occasion, I see a 2nd buy with (again) 10 currency.

What I want is to buy a minimum of 10 base currency but not limiting to 10 (15, 30, 1000 if that's possible). How to achieve this goal ?

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« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2020, 09:18:50 AM »
You can achieve that with AutoConfig, there is a ready-made config in the Gunthy Marketplace that uses "compound" where you can take advantage of that feature if the exchange allows it.

You could use that specific config or get the idea and make your own, you can compound on Binance and Kucoin, that I know of, but should be more exchanges that allow that, you just need to search for “globaltotalholding” in a pair json state file, if it has a value greater than 0, it will work.

You can read more or download the Free config on the Gunthy Marketplace:

Hope it Helps.
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