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Author Topic: Gunbot v.16.7.5 for Kraken Futures Trading Competition  (Read 688 times)

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Gunbot v.16.7.5 for Kraken Futures Trading Competition
« on: February 13, 2020, 08:55:05 PM »
Gunbot v.16.7.5 Stable Release in preparation of Kraken Futures Trading Competition

- Connect your Gunbot with Kraken Futures Trading Competition board and grab the final prize of 10k USD
- The Trading Competition starts in less than 24h: 15 February 2020 at Midnight UTC...get your beast ready
- Trading Competition rules:
- You can read Kraken announcement here:

How to connect your Gunbot to the Trading Competition Board:

1.- if you want to participate to the Kraken Futures Trading Competition, it is enough to opt-in using your Gunbot GUI
2.- visit GUNTHY Live! at

This build contains several bug fixes that have been reported in v16.5.6, follow up at our wiki for more details

 I'd suggest you start to connect your Gunbot at the competition board and see if your nickname appears there. Computed values are relative till Midnight of 15 of February. Then i'll reset the board and give announcement of Competiton Open in Telegram channels, Twitter accounts and forums
Happy Trading with Kraken Futures Trading Competition!
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