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Hi folks,

I'm running into an error where GB won't create a sell order.
It looks kind of similar to, but that thread makes it seem like the issue has been fixed.

Thanks for the help.

Code: [Select]
GB_20.4.6 USD-MKR@gdax Round #451 2020/11/29 16:51:08
[1B blob data]
2020/11/29 16:51:09: Entering sell cycle
[1B blob data]
0.37869 undefined NaN
[ precision: { amount: 6, price: 4 }, minSize: undefined ]
Original price: 544.6388
Original volume: NaN
Error: NaN: invalid number (contains an illegal character 'N')
    at decimalToPrecision (/snapshot/test/Desktop/dsg/node_modules/
    at coinbasepro.amountToPrecision (/snapshot/test/Desktop/dsg/node_modules/
    at coinbasepro.createOrder (/snapshot/test/Desktop/dsg/node_modules/
    at <anonymous>
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:188:7)
Error: Issue creating sell order:{}
    at errorHandler (/snapshot/test/Desktop/dsg/ctx/js/gdax.js:0:0)
    at <anonymous>
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:188:7)
[1B blob data]

Hi, sometimes this error can be fixed just buy doing a manual purchase of MKR using USD and then sell it back to USD. Also note that this pair is not available for several regions, so maybe your region doesn't allow to trade with that pair. This to do a manual purchase and check if it allows you to do it.

Beginners & Help / Re: Bot is not selling
« on: November 28, 2020, 12:53:28 AM »
Thanks for the tip. I had never seen this page before. This would explaine a

You are welcome.

Beginners & Help / Re: Customer from 2017
« on: November 28, 2020, 12:52:56 AM »
Hello Gunthar,

I have bought one of the very first versions of your Gunbot - back in 2017 - on the forum.

I would like to start trading again. Would it be possible to issue me a license? How it works nowadays? I have installed v20 of Gunbot - added my Bittrex API key (newly generated) - but the bot needs an ETH address associated with ERC20 tokes.

I have bought one exchange version back then. I am OK with it - I would like to use only one API = Bittrex and try your bot again.

Thank you in advance and have a great day.

Hi, you need to create a Gunthy wallet:

Send me a PM please and I will help you to link your api key to your gunthy wallet.

Beginners & Help / Re: Bot is not selling
« on: November 22, 2020, 06:34:14 PM »

I have this annoying problem with my bot that is not selling like I think it should. Missed a lot op profit with it. I have been reading all the documentation and checked the parameters multiple times but no good. I'm using TSSL as a selling strategy and this afternoon I got a perfect example of the bot not selling. If you look at the picture I think all prerequisites are met to sell within the marked zone to have a nice sell. There was enough profit. There was enough drop and nothing to hold back. Basically it is just a very simple TSSL strategy, no bells nor whistles.  ;) It looks the bot is moving the sell point down.
What am I doing wrong?  ??? Can someone give me a tip please? I have added the parameters of the strategy.

 "BBtsslpaarlemoer": {
            "ADX_ENABLED": false,
            "ADX_LEVEL": 25,
            "ATRX": 0.5,
            "ATR_PERIOD": 14,
            "BTC_MONEY_FLOW": 35,
            "BTC_PND_PERIOD": 14,
            "BTC_PND_PROTECTION": false,
            "BUYLVL": 1,
            "BUYLVL1": 0.6,
            "BUYLVL2": 2,
            "BUYLVL3": 70,
            "BUY_ENABLED": true,
            "SINGLE_BUY": false,
            "BUY_LEVEL": "0.5",
            "BUY_METHOD": "bb",
            "BUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "CANDLES_LENGTH": 99,
            "COUNT_SELL": 9999,
            "DISPLACEMENT": 26,
            "DI_PERIOD": 14,
            "DOUBLE_CHECK_GAIN": false,
            "DOUBLE_UP": true,
            "DOUBLE_UP_CAP": "2",
            "DU_BUYDOWN": 2,
            "DU_CAP_COUNT": "3",
            "DU_METHOD": "HIGHBB",
            "EMA1": 16,
            "EMA2": 8,
            "EMASPREAD": false,
            "EMA_LENGTH": 50,
            "EMAx": 0.5,
            "FAST_SMA": 1,
            "FUNDS_RESERVE": 0.0001,
            "GAIN": 0.5,
            "HIGH_BB": 0,
            "ICHIMOKU_PROTECTION": true,
            "IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE": 0,
            "LIQUIDITY": false,
            "LIQUIDITY_TAKER": false,
            "LIQUIDITY_GAIN": true,
            "MAX_INVESTMENT": 1,
            "IS_MARGIN_STRAT": false,
            "KEEP_QUOTE": 0,
            "KIJUN_BUY": false,
            "KIJUN_CLOSE": false,
            "KIJUN_PERIOD": 26,
            "KIJUN_SELL": false,
            "KIJUN_STOP": false,
            "KUMO_BUY": false,
            "KUMO_CLOSE": false,
            "KUMO_SELL": false,
            "KUMO_SENTIMENTS": true,
            "KUMO_STOP": true,
            "LEVERAGE": 0,
            "LONG_LEVEL": 1,
            "LOW_BB": 0,
            "MACD_LONG": 20,
            "MACD_SHORT": 5,
            "MACD_SIGNAL": 10,
            "MAKER_FEES": false,
            "MARKET_BUY": false,
            "MARKET_BUYBACK": false,
            "MARKET_CLOSE": false,
            "MARKET_DU": false,
            "MARKET_FOK": false,
            "MARKET_RTBUY": false,
            "MARKET_RTSELL": false,
            "MARKET_SELL": false,
            "MARKET_STOP": false,
            "MEAN_REVERSION": false,
            "MFI_BUY_LEVEL": 30,
            "MFI_ENABLED": false,
            "MFI_LENGTH": 14,
            "MFI_SELL_LEVEL": 70,
            "MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY": "11",
            "MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL": "11",
            "NBA": 0,
            "PANIC_SELL": false,
            "PERIOD": 3,
            "PP_BUY": 0,
            "PP_SELL": 99999,
            "PRE_ORDER": false,
            "PRE_ORDER_GAP": 0,
            "RENKO_ATR": false,
            "RENKO_BRICK_SIZE": 0.0001,
            "RENKO_PERIOD": 15,
            "ROE": 1,
            "ROE_CLOSE": false,
            "ROE_LIMIT": 1,
            "ROE_TRAILING": false,
            "ROE_SCALPER": false,
            "ROE_SPREAD": 0,
            "RSI_BUY_ENABLED": false,
            "RSI_BUY_LEVEL": 30,
            "RSI_DU_BUY": 30,
            "RSI_LENGTH": 14,
            "RSI_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "RSI_SELL_ENABLED": false,
            "RSI_SELL_LEVEL": 70,
            "RT_BUY_LEVEL": 2,
            "RT_BUY_UP_LEVEL": 0,
            "RT_ENABLED": false,
            "RT_GAIN": 1.5,
            "RT_MAXBAG_PROTECTION": 10,
            "RT_ONCE": false,
            "RT_ONCE_AND_CONTINUE": false,
            "RT_SELL_UP": 0.3,
            "RT_TREND_ENABLED": false,
            "SELLLVL": 1,
            "SELLLVL1": 0.6,
            "SELLLVL2": 2,
            "SELLLVL3": 70,
            "SELL_ENABLED": true,
            "SELL_METHOD": "tssl",
            "SELL_RANGE": "0.3",
            "SENKOUSPAN_PERIOD": 52,
            "SHORT_LEVEL": 1,
            "SLOW_SMA": 2,
            "SLOW_STOCH_K": 3,
            "SL_DISABLE_BUY": true,
            "SMAPERIOD": 50,
            "STDV": 2,
            "STOCHRSI_BUY_LEVEL": 0.2,
            "STOCHRSI_ENABLED": false,
            "STOCHRSI_LENGTH": 14,
            "STOCHRSI_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "STOCHRSI_SELL_LEVEL": 0.8,
            "STOCH_BUY_LEVEL": 20,
            "STOCH_D": 3,
            "STOCH_ENABLED": false,
            "STOCH_K": 14,
            "STOCH_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "STOCH_SELL_LEVEL": 80,
            "STOP_LIMIT": "95",
            "TAKE_BUY": true,
            "TAKE_PROFIT": false,
            "TBUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TENKAN_BUY": true,
            "TENKAN_CLOSE": true,
            "TENKAN_PERIOD": 9,
            "TENKAN_SELL": true,
            "TENKAN_STOP": false,
            "TL_ALLIN": false,
            "TL_PERC": 0,
            "TM_RT_SELL": false,
            "TP_PROFIT_ONLY": true,
            "TP_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRADES_TIMEOUT": 0,
            "TRADING_LIMIT": "25",
            "TRAIL_ME_BUY": true,
            "TRAIL_ME_BUY_RANGE": "0.3",
            "TRAIL_ME_DU": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_RT": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_RT_SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRAIL_ME_SELL": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TSSL_TARGET_ONLY": false,
            "USE_RENKO": false,
            "XTREND_ENABLED": true,
            "STOP_BUY": 0,
            "STOP_SELL": 0,
            "PND": false,
            "PND_PROTECTION": 1.5,
            "SupportResistance": false,
            "SupRes_ALLOW_DCA": true,
            "SupRes_SPREAD": 0.1,
            "SupRes_LVL_SPREAD": 1,
            "SupRes_MAX": 0,
            "SupRes_TIMER": 300,
            "SupResMinROE": 20

Hi, note that 3 min period is not supported on Binance:

While running add-pairs job the below exception is thrown and the autoconfig-pairVariables.json file is zapped!

{ RequestTimeout: binance GET request timed out (10000 ms)
    at module.exports.initRestRateLimiter.executeRestRequest.timeout.catch (/snapshot/test/Desktop/dsg/node_modules/
    at <anonymous>
  constructor: [Function: RequestTimeout],
  name: 'RequestTimeout' } 'Unhandled Rejection at Promise' Promise {
  <rejected> { RequestTimeout: binance GET request timed out (10000 ms)
    at module.exports.initRestRateLimiter.executeRestRequest.timeout.catch (/snapshot/test/Desktop/dsg/node_modules/
    at <anonymous>
  constructor: [Function: RequestTimeout],
  name: 'RequestTimeout' } }

Loading config...

An error occured while importing user variables. Reason: import file is corrupted.

This error is mostly caused for making too many request to the api key. Try increasing the delay.

Technical Support & Development / Re: Gunthy-ARM in V20?
« on: November 21, 2020, 07:09:16 AM »
Any update on this?  It's been 2 weeks since I checked in and the build still isn't on GitHub.

If not, could you please post build instructions for gunthy-ARM on the wiki?

Asked to dev team and they told me that the libraries included in v20 are not easy to implement for ARM version, it's still being worked on.


 Hello! Just wanted to pop in with another quick bug report. Same as my last one I'm running the newest version 20 of the bot inside Windows. While trading on GDAX the bottom left timeline buttons (right before the "Go To..." button) don't actually work properly. For example if I click 5y it gives me 1 week. Here's what it pulls up for each button:

5y = 1 week
1y = 1 week
6m = 2 hours
3m = 1 hour
1m = 30 minutes
5d = 5 minutes
1d = 1 minute

 Just wanted to make a post letting everybody know though I'm sure you've figured this one out on your own if you've clicked them. /cheers

I get the same behavior, I have forwarded this to dev team.


 Just wanted to pop in with a quick bug report. Currently while using the newest version 20 of the program inside Windows pairs will continue to operate even after being turned off. I've tried this with both manually turning off pairs (which strikes them out with a line) and using the count sell function to automatically turn them off. The GUI will not show them anymore though they are still trading in the background. The only way I've been able to stop a pair from trading is to delete it from the pairs list completely. I've experimented with this a couple times to make sure it's happening before posting, just wanted to let everybody know in the case it's not just me.


Hi WhiteGlobin, thanks for the report. I'm going to try to reproduce it on my end and I will tell you something.

Technical Support & Development / Re: "TRADES_TIMEOUT"
« on: November 18, 2020, 12:11:20 AM »
"TRADES_TIMEOUT" is not working in 20.4.6.
A 3600 seconds limit is overriden and the bot is buying on each cycle.

It works good in my end, and I'm not aware there have been reports about this parameter recently.

Spanish / Nueva versión Estable - Gunbot v20
« on: November 17, 2020, 09:21:19 PM »
Os dejo la última versión estable de Gunbot junto con la información de las mejoras y los cambios:

Beginners & Help / Re: Few questions on getting started back up
« on: November 17, 2020, 09:11:39 PM »
I'm trying to read through all the wiki stuff, but I'm just not finding the answers I need for these questions so hopefully someone can help...

  • How do I setup 'testing' so that I can make sure its working and my 'plan' is working the way I want with
  • When using the TradingView addon is there no way to use webhook? Is there no gunthy type API where I can pass directly buy/sells?
  • How do I test if gunbot is actually able to read the emails when its enabled to listen in TradingView option? I'm receiving the Alert emails from tradingview just fine, but gunbot not doing anything

I appreciate the help for finding the answers to these issues I'm having.

Hi Equiz,

1- I think you mean "Backtesting". I made a very detailed video explaining about Backtesting but it's in Spanish, I plan to do a new one in English soon. Anyway, it's quite easy to use and very useful and accurate if used properly. What I would do if I were you is to ask your reseller to guide you on the first steps using backtesting. It's quite easy and in some minutes you should be backtesting strategies.

2- Gunbot reads TradingView alerts only by email for now.

3- Can you show an example of emails you got and Gunbot did nothing after getting them please? So we can figure out what the cause could be.

Technical Support & Development / Re: Support / Resistance
« on: November 09, 2020, 03:39:09 PM »
Thinks like that happen:
It buys above the BUY at range. Usually higher than last sell value and often immediately after selling.
I deleted the strategy and pair and created them again but the same things happen.
All settings are default - spread 0.1, 15 minute interval, SMA 50 - basically no change at any value of the strategy.

If it buys often inmediately after selling it means that your buy settings are very loose. It's important to take a deep look into it, I mean all the parameters / settings and logs. I recommend you to send you config file to your reseller, so he can take a deep look into it, as it's not about 1 or 2 parameters, somethings a deep look into the whole configuration is needed.

Technical Support & Development / Re: Support / Resistance
« on: November 09, 2020, 01:12:34 AM »
Support / Resistance strategy keeps buying way above support level with default settings.
Looking at the graph, it correctly shows BUY at near Support1, yet it buys 4-5% above that level.
What could be the problem?

Hi, can you post here what values did you set to the parameters related to Support / resistance please?

Technical Support & Development / Re: Gunthy-ARM in V20?
« on: November 02, 2020, 09:07:36 PM »
Glad to see the new release.  I checked the repository:

There's no build like in v18.8?

Is ARM still supported in the new version?

Hi Hampden, there isn't ARM version yet. Hopefully it will be ready asap.

Beginners & Help / Re: Returning from 2017
« on: November 02, 2020, 09:04:13 PM »
Damn missed the sticky sorry guys

No problem. Just send me a PM and I will help you.

General Discussion / Re: Bought Gunbot in 2018
« on: November 02, 2020, 09:03:22 PM »
I researched and found the license system has changed is it necessary to have gunthy wallet now?
-How do I link my old license to the gunthy wallet.
-Can I still run my old license on legacy gunbot versions in which Gunthy wallet is not necessary.


Hi, your reseller should help you to get on the track. If he is gone, send me a PM and I will help you.

Technical Support & Development / Re: What a buggy bot this is
« on: November 02, 2020, 09:00:45 PM »
A few days ago v20.4.6 was released. This is the next stable version after 18.8.8 and it includes a lot of fixes and improvements:

Technical Support & Development / Re: Gunbot v20
« on: November 02, 2020, 08:58:31 PM »
The Wiki says that v20 is available now but I can't find it here:

Where can I download Gunbot v20?

Hi, you can get latest v20.4.6 stable version here:

General Discussion / Re: TRADING_LIMIT
« on: October 26, 2020, 11:27:07 PM »
What I want is to buy a minimum of 10 base currency but not limiting to 10 (15, 30, 1000 if that's possible). How to achieve this goal ?

Just Trading_limit = 100 (or the max amount you want to buy)
And set MVTB to 10 (or the mininum amount you want to buy)

Technical Support & Development / Re: Gunbot v20.4.5
« on: October 26, 2020, 10:58:09 PM »
Fresh install, 1st run on Linux :
Code: [Select]
root@gunbot-1:~/gunbot# ./gunthy-linux
Loading config...
{ Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/root/gunbot/logs/autoconfig-log.txt'
  errno: -2,
  code: 'ENOENT',
  syscall: 'open',
  path: '/root/gunbot/logs/autoconfig-log.txt' } 'Uncaught Exception thrown'
Loading config...

Then work normally. The autoconfig-log.txt is created. That message is just informative but maybe not necessary to be show.

Hi, it's just an informative message telling that the file didn't exist. Nothing to be worried about.

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