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I'm having people ask me how to get the latest GB (3.3.3) running in PM2, so it starts at boot and so you don't have a terminal screen open all the time.

So a refresher on PM2:

Install npm:

Install PM2: npm install pm2 -g

Start your gunbot using PM2: From  your gunbot folder
         pm2 start ./gunthy-linx64 -n Gunbot_Name -- --color
            Note the -- --color tag at the end? That lets PM2 display the log in the color Gunthar intended!

Save it: pm2 save

Look for your pm2 ID:
         pm2 list

view your log:
         pm2 log 0 (my pid was 0)

That's it for now. More to come as people build monitors and Gunthar adds features and a gui!

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