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Beginners & Help / GunBot v13 causing issues logging into Kraken
« on: November 07, 2019, 04:27:00 PM »
Hi All,  I recently got setup on V13 Starter, trading on kraken.  After getting my bot setup on my local machine, I'm finding that after a few hours I can no longer login to, and get a 1020 error from cloudfront, claiming my IP is causing abuse.  If I force my network to get a new public IP, I can login again for a few hours, then get the same issue.  It appears that gunbot is "abusing"(their term, not mine) the login page hence the ban. still works, as does, but neither of those allows you to access stuff like funding and other account items(e.g. how much til the next fee tier)

Has anyone else experienced this?  I'm likely to upgrade the the GunBot Standard v14 soon, has anyone experience something like this in either version and/or has a work around other than hosting the software at a different IP?

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