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Can anyone help me please? ( I usually try and do as much research as I can before posting like this)

I have been running the BTC-alt Autoconfig since the end of April from the marketplace, and has been running full time since then with v18.8.8.  For the past 3 days though, i've been holding some bags, which have already doubled up on the first count with DCA.  I would expect them to DCA again once the RSI & price have dropped sufficiently.  However Buy_Enabled = false keeps getting intermittently enabled for the pairs with 1 DCA (2 is limit)

I have had a look through the log files for both autoconfig and pairs, and it doesn't look like the PND protection conditions are met (<0.4% change in BTC price in last 60 mins), and the PND variable is registered as false.  This looks to be the only autoconfig job that will disable buying for a pair.

Can anyone shed any light on this, or if not give me some further hints to diagnose where I am going wrong please?  I am trying to work out what is stopping it buying.  Only other thing that I can think of is something affecting is with different versions of GB rolled out.  I did try it with the latest beta version tonight, but no success..

Thanks very much!

Beginners & Help / Beginning with Gunbot Lite
« on: December 31, 2017, 05:17:41 PM »
Hi there,

I am completely new to this but have purchased GB light (with only the Emotionless strategy).  Looks like there is a wealth of experience on here, and I have tried to read around before posting this.  I have been testing 'Emotionless' on Bittrex for the past couple of days, and have also just installed V7.0.2

I was looking to try and test this first for a month or two, and convince myself that I have the hang of it before potentially upgrading.  Just a few queries though.

1)  Is it best to start out trading BTC pairs, given that the spreads seem to be the lowest?  Or would USDT be a better option?

2)  As I am new, is 5 pairs a good start as a maximum?

3)  Given that I am limited to this strategy at the moment, is it best to stick with high market cap pairs like BTC with ETH,LTC, DASH,XMR.

4)  Is this a difficult time to start using this given that the market seems bearish after the early December bull run?

I am still quite inexperienced, but am willing to read and learn and don't expect to be spoon fed. Just want to get it running so I get modest gains and confidence that I know what I am doing.

Any advice appreciated.  Have a good new year all

Beginners & Help / Newbie-Gunbot Lite or XT?
« on: December 29, 2017, 04:56:33 PM »
Hi all

I am looking at getting into trading, and have been into cryptocurrency for 6 months or so.  I have a little knowledge, but not as much as many others here, and have been mainly buying currency that  I have researched to HODL up until now.

I am looking at trying to pick up Gunbot in the Xmas sale, and am willing to but a bit of working into learning, (not just looking for a get rich quick scheme). 

My question is this:  I can't decide whether just to pick up the Lite version with the Emotionless strategy, or whether is is worth paying the extra and getting it for 0.05BTC with multiple strategies.  Realistically I am probably not going to be trying to create my own custom strategies, but would be more interested in the other 'off the shelf' preset ones.


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