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Hey Kobalt,

Since STDV is only for BB, it only affects you buys, not your sells.
I also use a low sellevel to get out fast and reduce bags and rely on a small AVGPOINTS/LASTPOINTS as a fast turnaround-detector, i use 20/5. If you reduce these settings more, for example to 10/3 could solve your problem

My support to: good job and I'm willing to continue with help and data  :D

Since yours is correct Culture, how is you bot behaving on collecting prices?
I have 10 pairs and they are randomly updating. Sometimes a pair updates 2 times in a row and some pairs i see missing for some minutes (staring at the screen like an ape :D).
Is yours behaving differently?

3.5h of running the bot, it tells me that ETH SMA is at 0.7064. If i take a look at the charts that is impossible, should be around 0.716.
Something is truly wrong with this version... Im stopping the bot now until there is a new version out there  :-\

If you figure out what the difference between SMA und EMA calculation is, please let us know here!  ;D
I'm very keen on understanding what happens, because i gave the bot my money, so i have to trust it ;)

Trying your BB settings now, the bot should need hours (exactly 4 with SMA720) to give the right results. Gogogo!

Hey Culture, thank you for this great explanation!

I'm pretty sure that it doesn't work with multiple coins. I also thought it would be the way you say here, but i have an example in this thread,1338.0.html where you can see that there is something wrong - at least with multiple coins.

I think this Version has an EMA problem, i took this screenshot today with both windows open.

GB tells me both EMAs are ~0.00239, this can only be the EMA of the LAST 15 minute candlestick. My EMA relevant settings are:
      "period_storage_ticker": 2000,
      "interval_ticker_update": 25000,
      "EMA1": 480,
      "EMA2": 240,

I read the EMA is calculated by the last x prices, and he should get prices every 25 seconds. So the large EMA should be a 25s*480=3.3h EMA, not just 15 minutes.
We know of the random-pair-update-bug (i trade 10 pairs in one bot), so i'm sure he doesn't update every 25 seconds. Its somewhere between a second and many minutes. 15 minutes have 900 seconds, so it is possible to get this EMA2 with 480 values.
Am i wrong somewhere? Has anyone experienced the same?

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