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As a supernOOb as i am, i have some question...

1) In the last 2 days, i've tried to install gunbot on a Linux VPS ( AWS Free Tier) i've done it, but probably i think that i've started too much pairs infact i think that i've overcharged my VPS, my PUTTY was not more able to connect again to the Terminal, i've tried from 2 different computers and the terminal starts but there aren't any characters, so i see only a Black Windows, it seems like when you're computer is using 100 % CPU, why is happens this??

2) So it was a lot difficoult for me to not have a GUI, so i've tried to open an AWS windows tier, gunbot starts but shows everytimes error 403, so probably it seems impossible to make it work... how can i solve my error 403 in win vps?

3) From the linux terminal, how can i have the log to see if gunbot work well?

4) I was not able to restart again my pairs, because i'm a really noob and when i've started again my putty i had to restart all my pairs, how can i load it ??

Thank you for the reply  ;D

Beginners & Help / How to solve Error 422??
« on: July 10, 2017, 03:15:54 PM »
Hi GUys,

I'm a new user of Gunbot, i've left Gunbot working  for about 10 Hours with 8 different pairs, but nothing happens, my gunbot is not able to buy and sell, i use the BB setting, i've read on the Log that the error that appear is Error 422, how can i solve this problem?

I think that is for that problem the reason why my bot doesn't buy and sell coins....

Can someone help a noob as me?

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