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Author Topic: 3.3.5+ - persistent logging of trading stats  (Read 3231 times)

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3.3.5+ - persistent logging of trading stats
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:36:55 PM »
Hi everyone,

Is there a feature already available (or planned) for 3.3.5+, which would log persistently (in the log files / DB) the current status of all pairs gunbot is trading?

For example, the bot could append key trading statistics to a csv file every few seconds (configurable), separate file (path configurable) for each pair, new log could be created daily (so we can remove old ones when no longer needed).

I'm really interested in the feature, I believe it would be very useful to us all, not only to follow what really happened, but also to better understand the logic at which bot is operating and based on this understanding - define better configuration for the pairs.

I'd be very much interested in the following statistics logged for each pair:
1. Pair name
2. Current stock
3. Avg. purchase price
4. Current stock worth at current price --> (in BTC / USD) depending on trading pair
5. Current price on exchange
6. 5 minute trend --> e.g. +2%
7. 30 minute trend --> e.g. +4%
8. 2 hours trend --> e.g. -0.5%
9. 1 day trend: --> e.g. -8%
10. Current BB_LOW
11. Current BB_HIGH
12. Gunbot plan, e.g.
 - "Will sell if drops below XXX" --> to be used if profit can already be made, but the trend is rising and bot is waiting for better price and will still sell at profit if raising trend reverses and price starts to drop
 - "Will consider selling if rises above XXX" --> to be used if settings not yet allow the bot to make the sale (e.g. too low profit)
 - "Will buy if drops below XXX" --> to be used when waiting for good occasion (according to config)
13. Time of last input received from exchange
14. Time of next input to be requested from exchange
15. Last action, e.g.
 - 2017-09-08 20:20:02 Bought XXX ANS for YYY BTC (avg. rate: ZZZ)

If there is no such or similar feature yet - please consider this as a feature request!