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Technical Support & Development / SpotGrid Advanced Issue
« on: January 07, 2022, 12:45:56 PM »
I am facing an issue with StepGrid Adavanced strategy.
Bot creates buy order 0.00028 BTC for 42420 USDT - order is filled in Binance (11.88 USDT)
Bot created sell order 0.00027 BTC for 44500 USDT - order is filled in Binance (12.02 USDT)
It should have sold 0.00028 BTC for 44500 USDT (12.46 USDT).
So why does the bot sell 0.00001 BTC less than it bought?
Binance minimum trade limit for BTC is 0.000001 BTC with minumum order 10 USDT - so there is no issue.
I used postman with the Binance API and was able to create orders without any issues to buy 0.00028 and sell 0.00028 using market or limited orders.
Any help would be appreciated as this is affecting profit/trade.

I'm using the SpotGridAdvanced startegy with USDT-ETH with success so far and it survived few dumps.
Is it possible to set the trading limit as following?
Balance settings (override):
=Total Base * x Trading Limit Percentage for the initial order. Then DCA uses whatever is configured as multiplier for each DCA.
I tried but it doesn't work and used the trading limit from the strategy.
I would like to allow the bot to use the trading gain to trade incrementally more.

Anyone has success in the longer term using manual gain instead of auto gain and with what percentage?

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