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General Discussion / Gunbot V23: the way I run it.
« on: July 07, 2021, 03:19:36 PM »
Another stable release is out at GitHub: V23.
A lot of things happened during over 5 years of Gunbot development and overtime I like to share with you how I personally use Gunbot for my own entertainment, because when other developers and me code Gunbot we have one single target in our minds: make it profitable for our own trading!!!
This is getting better as much as we proceed with daily development, thanks to the continuous feedbacks we receive from you and thanks also to a big man that decided to stood on my side since some years and is actively contributing with Gunbot core development: @boekenbox better known as Pim.
Togheter we tuned a special strategy we would like you to try with Gunbot v23: stepGrid
The initial idea came at my mind when I observed Pim's spotGrid family. Somehow I noticed markets are predictable enough within some range in price without any other indicator. Pure price action but with a reproducible logic: buy whenever price goes down by "x" value (expressed in price units, example 500 dollars) and sell whenever price goes up by the same "x" value.
The result of the initial tests were impressive, here is an example of a stepGrid action with the "STEP" (the x value expressed in dollars) set to 500:

Basically the bot was buying 250 dollars worth of bitcoin every time the price dropped by 500 dollars and selling 250 dollars worth of bitcoin every time the price raised by 500 dollars.

Some basic maths:
- 250 dollars worth of bitcoin at price 34k is equal to 0.00735394BTC
- 0.00735394BTC sold at 34.5k is equal to 253.67 dollars
- Net profit 1.46%

This for each trade you see in the above chart  ;D

We got excited and started to do some basic tuning: we didn't want to run out of money so we had to calculate our TRADING_LIMIT based on our wallet balance and taking in consideration the case bitcoin price would have dumped a lot.
Easy peasy, calculate your TRADING_LIMIT based on this formula: walletBalance/(price/step)

Example: with a wallet balance of 10k USD and a bitcoin price at 35k, a "STEP" of 500 dollars would give you 142 dollars max of TRADING_LIMIT
It means doesn't matter how much the bitcoin price will go down, it could go even to zero, you will keep running your bot without running out of money ever: it means continuous trading taking advantage of perpetual swinging of USDT/BTC pair.

My suggestions:
- Never run out of money or you go back to old times where your bot is stuck and you got useless bags
- Run this strategy only on coins you consider spendable "money" (example you can fill up your Binance card with a lot of cryptocurrencies, for sure not with DOGE....)
- If you run out of money because you didn't calculate your TRADING_LIMIT with the above formula, do not fill up your bot while you are in a position: it will start selling at loss because this strategy doesn't take in consideration BREAK EVEN unless price is above your BREAK EVEN
- Keep reading this post, there are more exciting things coming.

I mentioned Big Pim early, well let's celebrate his contribution to Gunbot with some more "facts":
- He is the one that writes our wiki
- He is the one that coded AutoConfig for us
- He is the one that helped me coding the actual GUI and is actually refactoring/fine tuning it completely based on your feedbacks
- He is the one that coded customStrategy for us
- He is the one that coded spotGrid and futuresGrid strategies families

Do you think he did stay calm and quite when we started to code this stepGrid thing?  ;D

Wrong assumption: he ported to stepGrid the automatic trailing from SG family on both buy and sell orders and also he developed a system that would adjust your STEP automatically as the pair swinging range would tight or wide  ;D ;D ;D ;D

YES! The STEP value is calculated automatically, no need any special settings. It watches continuously that specific pair volatility and adjusts the STEP internally to always stay glued to the price action and trade!!!!

In case you want to run manual steps, set AUTO_STEP_SIZE: false and enter a STEP_SIZE that represents price. With ENFORCE_STEP, instead, you can make it respect steps when trailing (personally Pim prefers not to). It also supports keep quote. The complete wiki for this strategy is available at

Results are amazing and Pim tested it on a bunch of shitcoins as well, here are some of his impressive charts:

Alright, time to go back coding: I want to dedicate this summer to complete and release bitRage but, given the excellent results Gunbot achieves, I've decided to start to make my life dream come true. I've started a bunch of Gunbot in a bunch of exchanges and I've bought a little fish boat, someone already calling it Gunboat  ;D

I want to code listening at seagulls and sea waves....

Happy Summer 2021!


Gunbot v22 is out: you can now code your own strategy in Gunbot using Javascript.

Wiki at


General Discussion / Gunbot v21 - Xmas Edition (Stable)
« on: December 24, 2020, 11:25:19 PM »
24 December 2016 - 24 December 2020

4 years loving you all!!!

You should have learnt how to make money with Gunbot already, if you are still not making money with it, PM me and i'll teach you personally with Gunbot v21

A special thanks to the guys that have been on my side for 4 years constantly: @exquitas @narkotix

A special thanks to @boekenbox for his commitment: Gunbot is not only mine, Gunbot is also PIM!

Love to the pirates: papya, Uri, droi, anon, trash, semyo, Angie, yoopah, emo, Naf, Alef. Without them our community would be lost with my lava

Welcome our new pirate: @zy0nbear, by now he is member of our staff

A special Xmas wish to all of you: Gunbot changed our life!

Stable release files at

Wiki at

General Discussion / Gunbot v20
« on: October 30, 2020, 05:09:46 PM »

What's new:


Watch the video and enjoy!

A special thank you to the following people, without them i woudnt be able to keep going with Gunbot development:

@boekenbox thank you for your professional value and quality of work: you are an example for the entire community

The pirates: these guys are handling a lot of other tasks different than coding and without their help i woudnt be able to focus on code

All beta testers, without their reports i would have released Gunbot v100 already

All GUNTHY token holders: i'm proud our order books are empty, none sell their token because they need it to run the beast!

3rd parties developers: @boekenbox @bestnaf @zy0nbear @BLaQwaLLstreet, you are the reason why Gunbot is profitable

@Exquitas @Narkotix for being my shadow for the past 4 years


The first Gunbot Permanent Tournament starts tonight at Midnight UTC: we share the top traders strategies ready to use in your Gunbot.
Read more here and JOIN now:

- This is a new stable release dedicated to Binance Futures Tournament Edition
1- join Gunbot Team at Binance Futures Tournament here:
2.- take a screenshot and send it via PM to me
3.- i might grant you access to our Market Maker bot for the  entire duration of the Tournament (and if we win i might decide to grant that access to you forever)
4.- I've implemented a special strategy for this tournament that lets you produce volume and profit 24/7 called GRID bots (accessible only for Market Makers). When you join the team and send me a PM you will receive instructions.
- this build also includes many bugs fixes you can check at included DU count fix

This build files have been published at github

General Discussion / Gunbot v18 is live!
« on: March 08, 2020, 10:04:20 PM »
Read more at our official blog:

General Discussion / Gunbot give away 20k USD
« on: February 21, 2020, 02:04:42 PM »
This is the official launch of new Gunbot v16.9.9 with 4 important things:

1.- GUNTHY Exchange is now available to trade with Gunbot
2.- Kraken Futures Trading Competition with a prize of 10k USD already started: you are not late, hurry up and start v16.9.9 at Kraken Futures! Read more here
3.- OKEx spot exchange Trading Competition starts tomorrow 22 of February 2020: you can easily participate running v16.9.9, read more here:
4.- Binance and Gunbot start an official partnership, read more here:

The above partnerships add up the exchanges you can get fees rebates: grab a copy of Gunbot v16.9.9 at our GitHub repo and start it at Binance, Binance Futures, Kucoin, Kraken Futures, OKEx, HitBTC to get back up to 30% of your fees and participate to 20k USD trading competitions.

Happy trading with Gunbot!

General Discussion / Gunbot v.16.7.5 for Kraken Futures Trading Competition
« on: February 13, 2020, 08:55:05 PM »
Gunbot v.16.7.5 Stable Release in preparation of Kraken Futures Trading Competition

- Connect your Gunbot with Kraken Futures Trading Competition board and grab the final prize of 10k USD
- The Trading Competition starts in less than 24h: 15 February 2020 at Midnight UTC...get your beast ready
- Trading Competition rules:
- You can read Kraken announcement here:

How to connect your Gunbot to the Trading Competition Board:

1.- if you want to participate to the Kraken Futures Trading Competition, it is enough to opt-in using your Gunbot GUI
2.- visit GUNTHY Live! at

This build contains several bug fixes that have been reported in v16.5.6, follow up at our wiki for more details

 I'd suggest you start to connect your Gunbot at the competition board and see if your nickname appears there. Computed values are relative till Midnight of 15 of February. Then i'll reset the board and give announcement of Competiton Open in Telegram channels, Twitter accounts and forums
Happy Trading with Kraken Futures Trading Competition!

General Discussion / Gunbot v.16.5.6 Stable Release
« on: February 07, 2020, 10:58:56 AM »
Gunbot v.16.5.6 Stable Release (with Market Maker v0.5_beta and bitRage v4.27.3_beta)

 *.Market Maker and bitRage are available by token ranks: you need to be rank 20 or higher to access bitRage and rank 10 or higher to access Market Maker.
 ** Market Maker is available for the following exchanges: BitMex, Kraken Futures, KuMex, Binance Futures, ByBit
 *** bitRage is available for over 136 exchanges.

 I've noticed there is not enough communication between devs, beta testers, and public rooms: we talk a lot about things in the VIP room and bitRage/MM rooms but then most of the people are unaware of what is being cooked/done behind the scenes.

For this reason, I've started a blog together with a bunch of girls from our community:
 @CrazyMop @boekenbox @CryptoDROI @mrpapaya34 @exquitas @NarKotix @Trashdog01 @maGGCC @bestnaf @ShortShark @anon059 @emotionless_AI @AdrianThomson @sweet @semyoalex @Yooper101 @AlefCU are actively maintaining our new blog with all news from all channels and weekly updates

 You can find this week news here:

 Read more about this release changelogs here:

I would like to highlight an interesting partnership we got: Gunbot and Kraken Futures are now partners

In order to celebrate this partnership, we will have a trading competition with a final prize of 10000USD
You can read more about this partnership at Kraken blog here:

Another important partnership deserves our attention:

We are proud to start a collaboration with OKEx. This will allow the community of traders to profit from fee rebates, which we will share back with our users. New Gunbot users will enjoy a 50% discount on the co-branded Gunbot OKEx Edition.

Please go and visit the website Gunbot OKEx Edition and start trading straight away!


About Gunbot

Gunbot is one of the most used tools for trading automation. It runs on your own machine, is faster than cloud-hosted bots and is extremely privacy-friendly. Gunbot is a locally installed software to automatically trade on the most popular exchanges for cryptocurrencies, it runs on Windows, macOS, Linux and even on a Raspberry Pi. And Gunbot will monitor the market and trade on your behalf, day and night, catching every opportunity.


About OKEx

OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to traders globally by using blockchain technology.

OKEx provides hundreds of token & futures trading pairs to help traders to optimize their strategy. We are also one of the top digital asset exchanges by trading volume, serving millions of users in over 100 countries. Our BTC futures trade has nearly $1.5B of volume daily, and is widely recognized as the gold standard for the industry.


General Discussion / Gunbot Xmas Edition with AutoConfig
« on: December 24, 2019, 12:03:09 PM »
- 24 December 2016/ 24 December 2019: Happy Birthday Gunbotters!

To celebrate Xmas and to celebrate 3 years we have fun with Gunbot i've prepared the usual boring stable release with a bunch of bugs fixes reported in v15 and i've also a couple of gifts for you:

1.- we can start to play and test GUNTHY Exchange now: if you want you can register and login and we can then start to see if everything is ok and if we like it. You can access GUNTHY Exchange directly from your v16 Gunbot GUI.

2.- Gunbot was born and has been implemented for 3 years with one single target: code and implement things users like, want and need. I am going to boost this concept: there is a Gunbot AMA (Ask Me Anything) repo i wish you all to participate where you can ask me literaly ANYTHING you want implemented in Gunbot, and i will code it for you

- you think Gunbot is awesome but you really would like a special feature to make your daily trading finally amazing?
- you think Gunbot sux because it doesnt have a special feature you are looking for?
- you think another bot you are using is missing a feature and would like to see it in Gunbot?

for all of the above examples (and more), open a feature request here: and you will see your idea implemented in Gunbot

Happy Xmas!

General Discussion / Gunbot v15 is out
« on: December 12, 2019, 04:56:02 PM »
Gunbot v15 is out, main changes:

- This release aims to correct major bugs that have been reported in v14 edition
 - it also continues our job of new exciting implementations:
 1.- you can start to play with AutoConfig
 2.- you can start to play with UTA (Ultimate Technical ANALyzer): a tool that allows you to select any indicator and create your own combo for your own strategy
 3.- we merged Gunbot, bitRage and Market Maker in one single product: if your license allows you to access those sections, you can now use one single executable to run them all at same time
 4.- this is the last release with the old GUI: a new exciting and awesome GUI is about to see its beta run in VIP room and before Xmas we will be able to play with it
 complete changelogs are here:

 A personal note about exchanges, GUNTHY token and what's the present and the future:
 - in this release we implemented the entire ccxt library: it means you can now use your Gunbot for over 130 exchanges
 - the ccxt library is a technical library, not meant to endorse any exchange
 - i'm observing a general low sentiment about exchanges and their reliability: we have seen many of them going down one by one by one
 - last but not the least, IDAX exchange is now down: our tokens on that exchange are lost
 - there is no way for me to get back those tokens, nor the smart contract allows us to do anything on those tokens
   personally i've lost more than 1.2M of tokens on that platform
What are we going to do about this situation:
 1.- if you hold GUNTHY tokens at IDAX and those tokens were allowing your Gunbot license to run: PM me your wallet address and i'll refill your account on a new GUNTHY address
 2.- if you hold GUNTHY tokens at IDAX and those tokens were extra tokens outside your Gunbot allowance: pm me your wallet address and i'll add you to our special operations we are doing to fuck with those thieves
 (point 2 doesnt assure you will get back your tokens but i've a dedicated team of people that are monitoring those tokens and if something will go as i expect, we will likely be able to seize those tokens in the future)
 3.- in a very near future (talking about hours or days) we will be able to start playing with GUNTHY exchange at
4.- special conditions for GUNTHY holders and for Gunbot license owners will apply on there: it is not my personal exchange, i want it to be the first community owned exchange
 Enjoy and remember i'm always open to listen about your opinion, despite i'm a brat


General Discussion / Everything is going to be alright.
« on: November 26, 2019, 03:44:50 PM »
Many times in my life I've said that: "We will be fine". Sometimes I've got friends, family people, kids or any other human, looking at me after they vent about an issue or a problem and then at the end asking: "tell me I'll be fine...". I've always said it, it did sound like a cuddle for both them and me and suddenly I could see their face relaxing and a deep breath coming out: "You will be fine...".
I do the same with people talking about Bitcoin or talking about Gunbot: the long phase of price depression after the bump of the last halving brought a lot of newcomers to both Bitcoin and Gunbot. I've seen people investing and working hard on their strategies, I've seen people grow their business, interests, activities in crypto land. And I've seen recursive events coming up over time, always with the same result: "We will be fine" and in a way or another, so it is.
Right now both Bitcoin and Gunbot are in a special path: accumulation.
  • Bitcoin is deeping its price driven by people that understood what Bitcoin is and are riding this piece of technology: whales need to accumulate Bitcoin because in the next months a new halving will come and the only way to accumulate is to buy cheap
  • Gunbot is accumulating experience and technology in order to be more and more adaptive to market changes and conditions: the first versions with AutoConfig (a tool by @boekenbox that allows your bot to automatically change config settings based on market conditions) and UTA (Ultimate Technical Analysis, a tool that allows you to use any indicators combo to build your own strategy) are now available and a lot of people are happily using them
  • Bitcoin is selectively excluding the worst part of it from its own environment: after the last bubble a lot of new exchanges, new companies, new spam were around for a while, but natural laws exist in economy too and all scammers, idiots and people with no strength to conduct a serious business, are now going down one by one by one. Be happy when an exchange goes down: another retard is gone back to banks (and their rules....)
  • Gunbot is selectively taking rid of its bugs, its lack of flexibility, its ugly GUI due to the fact that its main developer is a nerd that thinks "Windows" are wall's holes covered with glass: an intense debugging has been done and a special task force is dedicated to debugging 24/7 while developers from Colorize team are about to deliver one of the best User Interfaces you have ever seen in our history, expected for Xmas edition
  • Bitcoin has become a global strategy: cash money flows in one direction only, from the poorest people to the richest companies on top of the terrestrial economic pyramid. Never the contrary, it is by design: you spend your money till you have nothing more in your wallet and over that money you pay interests to banks that accumulate more money and can then lend that money to National Governments to pay their Public Debts. And the more money central banks lend, the more interests they receive and the more Public Debts grows forcing you to pay more interests with taxes, in an infinite spiral that enforces the cash flow to go from you to central banks. Bitcoin is the latest strategy to further collect fiat currencies: they want you to buy Bitcoin using your credit card (and your fiat currency). They fight miners because miners are a source of Bitcoin you can collect without using fiat. They fight exchanges because you can buy Bitcoin at exchanges using another asset than fiat, and so on. Don't get in the trap: don't buy Bitcoin, trade it or mine it and follow the whales, they are accumulating Bitcoin in this phase of the market because of the imminent halving.
  • Gunbot community evolved its presence in crypto land by issuing its own token: GUNTHY. It is an asset that has been freely distributed to all Gunbot owners and it is an asset you will be able to trade as base currency against Bitcoin at - Property of Gunbot community, designed to give Gunbot community the power to accumulate and trade in a safe environment far away from scammers, idiots with no sense of business, central banks. By starting GUNTHY exchange we will stop distributing free tokens to old licenses and we will gradually move to a full token licenses system: it means you will be able to sell GUNTHY at our exchange to people that just want to buy GUNTHY to activate their Gunbot licenses. Gunbot, bitRage, Market Maker, Gunbot Forex, Gunbot Futures Edition, Backtesting, and a 7th product i will announce later on this post will be all available by using your GUNTHY token holdings.

Let's see the imminent future now:
  • 136 exchanges are now available to trade on Gunbot: just download the new v15 release and pick up your API/secret for your desired exchange in the list and you are ready to go
  • AutoConfig is now available on Gunbot: you can now set a list of conditions that will change your strategy based on the market conditions
  • Custom strategies are now available on Gunbot: pick up one or more indicators you like and build your own strategy using more than 120 Technical Indicators

And the actual offers:
  • BLACK FRIDAY with over 80% discount on all licenses: it lasts till 29 of November, have a look at resellers pricing list and enjoy
Conclusions and a personal message to you:
Bitcoin will not crash, will not inflate, will not give up: it will grow its value against fiat currencies because it was created for that. Gunbot and its community will not give up either: one of my main personal goal in this crypto business is to purge our community from scammers and manipulators and we are at a point I can safely affirm every single user of ours is in complete trust and good standing with everyone else and vice-versa. The next step will be something that will make all of us wonder like little kids: you surely heard about Artificial Intelligence in the past years. A fail I would say, there is not Artificial Intelligence that can replace humans in trading and a bot like Gunbot started to learn from humans since its first start and it has now become smart and complex enough for its next level: we are going to add our Community Intelligence to it. A special room with our oldest and experienced users will cooperate with me personally in 2020 to add to every single Gunbot feature, the Intelligence we would have by manual trading: what would see a human eye and a human brain do in case of GAIN strategy during market changes? What would a human trader do in case MACD strategy changes as the order book changes? How would a human trader handle that bag that was created because an asset crashed after we bought it?
This is the direction I want our bot to go, Gunbot Community AI, the 7th sister: we will be fine.

General Discussion / Gunbot v13, the way I want it
« on: August 29, 2019, 09:56:50 PM »
The past 3 years have been intense for me, mostly because once you create something, it becomes like a son. But to make a baby you need a partner and to make a great baby, you need a great partner. Easier to say than to make it but, I was lucky, I met the right partner: 15k of people that are holding a copy of Gunbot somewhere in their life.

So this article is not really “the way I want it”, but more properly: Gunbot v13, the way my partner and I want it. You can teach me better: who’s the boss in every happy family? “Wife…” right…
And so, let’s revise again the title as it becomes: “Gunbot v13, the way wifey wants it”

  • first thing first a girl would want Gunbot to be accurate: it is. We spent all of our time in the beta room with developers and beta testers, nailing down every single unexpected behavior we might encounter. We tested and verified every single strategy for both buy and sell, we tested DCA and Reversal Trading, we verified stop limit and stop-loss behavior, we verified LONG, SHORT, CLOSE, STOP LOSS for margin trading. (status: released in v13)
  • The second thing a girl would ask Gunbot to be cool: it is. New developers have been added to the GUI team and guess what? Do you want a pink GUI? You can have it: (status: released in v13)
  • But a wife is always around for shopping right? So she would demand to use Gunbot from her phone…done: (status: released in v13)
  • Another feature all of those 15k people (I’m calling as “my wife”) would ask, is to have a scalable Gunbot version: it is. If you want to have a license for 1 exchange you can: just hold 1000 GUNTHY in your wallet and Gunbot lets you trade 1 exchange (any of the 13 supported exchanges by your choice). If you need to trade on 3 exchanges, you just need to hold 1500 GUNTHY in your wallet and you can do it. If you need to trade on 5 exchanges, hold 3000 GUNTHY and you are done. The more GUNTHY you hold the more exchanges are unlocked, automatically, scalable, immediately available to your license without the need to do anything with your reseller or support staff. And if you need to scale down your Gunbot, it is enough to reduce the amount of GUNTHY tokens in your holdings and Gunbot would automatically downgrade your license to the specified level. You can buy and sell GUNTHY tokens on many exchanges, actually available at (status: released in v13)

  • Wife says Gunbot needs to be valuable: it is. Your license is tied to GUNTHY token and a “rank” system is automatically computed by your local bot and pushed to the general user’s rank list. The higher rank you are, the more features it unlocks for you: being rank 20 or lower you can access our newborn “bitRage”, an arbitrage bot for Intra and inter-exchange arbitrage opportunities. Being rank 10 or lower you can access our newborn Market Maker bot for margin and spot exchanges. (status: partially released in v13 - ongoing in v14_beta group)
  • Wife says Gunbot must be unique: it is. By using on the same account the power of a native Gunbot strategy watching your portfolio, pushing the order book using the Market Maker algorithm, you can then catch all possible arbitrage opportunities to maximize your profits. Imagine the power of 1000….3000……5000……15k traders moving the markets like that…we are probably the strongest group around in cryptolandia.(status: partially released in v13 - ongoing in v14_beta group)
  • Wife says Gunbot must be famous: it is. Big exchanges like Gunbot, despite they might like generated fees by its users, they like its community too: dedicated efforts, honesty, reliability, and transparency of both the very selected and international customer base and its HQ board, make Gunbot community a friendly, trustable and professional environment where none is a stranger, we listen to everyone and everyone can contribute to Gunbot strategies development, day by day, month by month, year by year. The first exchange that started a co-branding partnership with Gunbot is KuCoin, with a dedicated Gunbot edition distributed to its customers and special rebates paid every month to every Gunbot/KuCoin trader. (status: released in v13)
  • Wife says Gunbot is too cool, it needs to move to FOREX and STOCK exchanges: it is. There are 2 platforms Gunbot is looking at, MT4 and cTrader. The latest one got my attention because of the very high performances and a motivated and smart development team. So we did it: Gunbot is now ported to cTrader and all of its native strategies can be used with any broker supporting cTrader (status: ongoing in v14_beta group)
  • Wife says Gunbot needs native backtesting: alright. The merge of native backtesting is a natural evolution of the legacy TradingView backtesting module by Allanster. Many users could use the Allanster tool to tune their Gunbot setting: importing everything in Gunbot and fetching values directly from Gunbot core, gives more opportunities and more accuracy backtesting your strategies. I called it: “backfesting” (status: ongoing in v14_beta group)
  • Wife says is all cool and good but she needs to “invent” her strategy and build it based on her feelings: yes ma’am. The UTA module (Ultimate Technical Analyzer) implements the entire TULIP library in Gunbot with over 100 indicators you can select and use to build your very own and special strategy and have Gunbot to execute it. (status: ongoing in v14_beta group)
  • Wife says….she needs more money….she says she invested a lot of money in GUNTHY tokens, it is all cool and wise but she wants more, she wants to be able to profit from her investment and make it grow over time. She would like to be able to use GUNTHY as a base currency against the highest volume coins. (status: ongoing in v14_beta group)

    Powered by cTrader developers with professional technology and high level/high frequency standards, with an industry-leading solution, provided by a company with almost a decade of experience in building ultra-scalable systems for a variety of niches in the capital markets space, with the same security level currently used by millions of traders and over 80 financial institutions worldwide, with the most user-friendly platform you will find on the market, intuitive controls and smart designs and greatly improved usability, enhanced user experience, with protection from all potential threats and attacks protocols powered by the most advanced security controls, powerful encryption algorithms, robust technologies and fine practices, with a web platform an iOs app available at Apple Store and an Android app available at Google Store, we did it:

GUNTHY EXCHANGE, with the highest volume coins traded against GUNTHY as the base currency, implementing every day more coins and tokens, a property of GUNTHY community, with rebates for all Gunbot users and open to all the crypto community.

Someone just wanted to read this draft as I was typing and they said: “wow, you been busy”.
Not strictly busy as a one-man-show. I’m the one writing here and I’m the one writing most of the code but I’m not the only one that keeps all of this alive, beating and rocking. All of the above features and products are available or will be completed during the v13 and v14 sessions but if you really can't hold your hands anymore, if you really want to be a proactive part of the entire project, if you want to get into the core of this project, you have to join me and all the others in some special rooms where we build and test all of this 24/7: the Gunbot special rooms on Telegram. It is free, it is enough to ping your reseller and ask him to invite you in our VIP room, but it is very very selective: we let our brains work together in those places, we think alike and we have a common challenge in a friendly environment, we aim to build the perfect money machine. Every single feature, every single implementation, every single solution was born in that room’s aloud thoughts, we spend nights, days, across multiple time zones in the world, sharing experiences, results, and proposals, we implement, we test, we deploy, constantly. If you think you have an idea that will save the world if you think you are a genius and need to make your idea true if you just think you are the right person for our group, we are looking for you: join us. I like to joke in that room saying the only rule (besides respect and constructive contribution) is “insults are welcome” because we are not only men talking, we are men talking about money…even if you are a girl.

Gunbot v13 is now released on Github and contains some of the features exposed above and we will complete the entire roadmap during the ongoing v14 session.
If you like the business and you want to be one of our resellers, we are looking for you, ping me on Telegram or forums and let’s talk.
If you are my wife: you know what you have to do right now.


bitRage is the new kid of our family: it was born officially 140 builds ago in a very strict beta room that I sincerely thank you! I'm very happy of the product we have right now, eventho it is not ready to be published yet. Let's see why and when.
1.- the actual bitRage is far from the original one I've ran and test in my very own experimental dev box: one thing is trying arbitrage alone in the deepest dark of myself alone against the exchanges, a different thing is running and testing it togheter with 100 of my best beta testers. This is the main reason why I knew (and I confirm) that bitRage will NOT be distributed to more than an average of 50 users per each exchange. As I keep adding supported exchanges, I will distribute to more people.
Why bitRage cant flood the markets tho? Many reasons, the most important we observed during the beta sessions are:
- because the more people acting against a spread, the more the spread wides open, and that's not healthy for arbitrage opportunities
- because exchanges charge fees in quote currency and they use that balance to level up spreads
All things we have sorted out in the actual bitRage that weren't sorted out in my original product!

2.- the actual bitRage is one of the best pieces of software in terms of driven intelligence: if you look around for arbitrage software you will just see one single line. Compare prices and fire up trades: this is exactly what will lead to the flat market I've described in point 1. Just do this: go download any arbitrage bot from GitHub and test it by yourself, you will find zero opportunities. The actual process we refined in bitRage, goes tru all of that and uses its own data to actually "create" arbitrage opportunities in those markets that are not spontaneously generated. How? We analyze the entire market and its own arbitrage possibilities with both tri- and quad- possible combination. If arbitrage opportunities are present we take advantage immediately of them. If arbitrage opportunities are not present we start to calculate prices inside the spread that would create those opportunities and start to act as market makers: the market reacts pretty fast to that and then they have one possibility only, to follow and serve our limit orders!
This is a technique I have implemented in an hidden feature of Gunbot reserved to a very strict beta testers: the Gunbot Market Makers bot, that will be distributed soon(TM) to the public.

3.- Presenting this in a nicely laid GUI was our next goal: as always our beloved Yashie gave us his arts and created a GUI for us that is actually going to help for pair filtering based on a lot of parameters like volume, variance and so on. Thanks again Yashie!

4.- We observed a lot of bitRage technology can be ported back to Gunbot: I'm merging all of those candies and both Gunbot and bitRage will contribute to each one development as we fix and implement things.

5.- We observed that bitRage can use Gunbot trades and balances to actually handle bags and burn them with arbitrage opportunities: one of my active branch is to merge Gunbot and bitRage in the same product and make Gunbot listen to bitRage activity and vice versa.

Said this, what is the very near future about it:
1.- bitRage will be available to purchase only with GUNTHY tokens: get a good reserve now that they are cheap because as soon as I open the gates, you won't find cheap tokens to buy bitRage anymore
2.- there are actually some of you that have pre-ordered bitRage in the past with some deals with resellers: despite I was not happy about it, I will honor what my resellers promised to you and distribute bitRage to you in a special room I have already created and invited you in. ETA: 2 weeks by now. Why 2 more weeks? Because you know me enough, I need to feel extremely comfortable with my code and know 200% it wont harm your money: there are some things we are still nailing down in beta room that I want to verify in different market conditions. Please be patient and thank you

What else to say: the final envision is to have one big product that integrates Gunbot, bitRage and Market Maker bot in one single GUI and uses the different algorithm serving the user configurations. A native backtesting tool will complete the beast and I've already started to implement it. All of this needs patience guys, intelligence and support from all of you: my codevs and myself are constantly listening to beta testers suggestions and feedback and despite I'm often a brat, they dont get impressed at all and keep bugging until they succeed to achieve our common target. We aim to build the perfect money machine...and we dont give up!

Feel free to comment and give me your opinions, suggestions, insults if needed, I'll leave this topic open.
Thank you.

General Discussion / Gunbot v12.9.1
« on: May 03, 2019, 10:13:12 PM »
With this release, meant to fix some urgent bugs I've received from your reports, we open listing of GUNTHY tokens to many other exchanges. Some of them will revise our project in private with me, others need the community support. Between all possible exchanges I'm selecting the ones that in my opinion match some requirements we are looking for:

 1.- i have already denied even if approved, some exchanges with a shady volume activity: see LBANK and others. Even tho I thank you for your support at LBANK, I am not going to accept their listing. If you participated in that voting and supported us, you have been promised some extra tokens. I'll keep my promise even if we are not listing our token there: please send me your GUNTHY wallet in PM. Thank you.

2.- Exchanges that are actually well established since many years: a co.branding partnership with Kucoin will be announced on their website in the next days. Binance and some other high volume exchanges

3.- Exchanges that I personally know their owners and that are presenting a fucking awesome technology innovation: Dx.Exchange for example
 At Dx.Exchange you can trade Cryptocurrencies, Digital Stocks, ETFs & STOs
 They are very happy to list our token, our project had been analyzed, but they ask the community support
 If you want to support listing at Dx.Exchange, please sign up using this referral link: it is used to track how many users we are able to receive support from. ANY rebate I will eventually receive from that referral link, will be airdropped back to all users that participated in this program
 Thank you again for your support and keep reporting bugs and feature requests, we are constantly aiming to build the perfect money machine!

General Discussion / Gunbot v12.8.9
« on: March 17, 2019, 04:39:49 PM »
Gunbot v12.8.9 Stable, next airdrop, users ranks and candies!
- Fix an old standing bug that would block telegram messages if GUI was disabled. Thanks @Bestairdrops
- Fuck yeah! Fix Huobi connection timeouts!!!
- Fix "undefined is not a function" error at Huobi. Thanks Lexx790
- Fix TV triggers being processed twice. Thanks @CrazyMop
- Change wiki link. Thanks @boekenbox
- Fix an issue that would prevent to swap exchanges on API slots. Thanks @boekenbox
- add CANCEL_ONCAP setting in cancel orders tab: if set to true it uses legacy cancel orders on cycle cap. Thanks @tandyuk
- Provide ARM build
- GUNTHY token not mandatory yet but HIGHLY suggested to update to this release as this will be the latest before we switch to full blockchain. Your console is showing you how many tokens you need to run your license: please use a not IDAX wallet for this as your tokens might join a pool at exchanges and your bot would stop to work.

Over telegram groups it is available the file of the next airdrop I'll run in the next hours, if you didnt receive enough tokens to run your license AND your wallet is not in that file, please harass your reseller URGENTLY and ask them to correctly register your wallet at our license server.

 About user's rank and why it is there:
It is my intention to reward our best users with always more features and entertaining software
If your wallet address is on top 20 points rank, you will receive special bonuses and unlock some features in our products:
1.- you will have access to bitRage
2.- you will be part of beta testing for the new native backtesting tool
3.- you will receive a Market Makers bot to use on any Gunbot supported exchanges and receive fees rebates
4.- you will be part of a special group for serious discussions about Gunbot strategies and tuning learning
5.- more to come....
What are requirements we looking for to get in the top 20 rank:
1.- we look how many tokens you hold
2.- we look how many tokens you need to run your license
3.- we look negatively to tokens dumpers
4.- we look to other community contributions you might give on a personal base (not related to wallet addresses privacy)
Thank you all and keep up the great participation: we aim to build the perfect money machine!

General Discussion / GUNTHY token celebration day
« on: February 10, 2019, 05:50:31 PM »
Only a few hours before will open trading of our token. You have still time to claim your GUNTHY tokens:

1.- GUNTHY tokens needed to run your Gunbot: just configure latest v12 with your GUNTHY address and all of your api keys, you will get 1000GUNTHY for each licensed api key
2.- GUNTHY tokens extra airdrop: ongoing in a few hours before open trading, if you are correctly running your Gunbot and holding 1000GUNTHY for each licensed api key you will receive same amount of GUNTHY you can use to trade at

Hurry up and startup your Gunbot v12 with your GUNTHY wallet!!!

Read more here:

General Discussion / Gunbot v12 with BITMEX and GUNTHY token
« on: February 04, 2019, 01:05:11 AM »
Gunbot v12 - with BITMEX included
(and GUNTHY token)
I've released Gunbot v12 with BITMEX support for both testnet and main website of Bitmex.
You can get your copy from one of the resellers listed here:

This version includes GUNTHY wallet:

Our organization as an incorporated company is starting to collect details about our customers that lost funds at Cryptopia, in order to organize a class action against them. I will publish detailed instructions at stay tuned. The legal class action is totally free for Gunbot users, if other Cryptopia users that are not Gunbot users want to join, they are welcome. I'll post soon at our forum above.


General Discussion / GUNTHY token and Xmas offers
« on: December 24, 2018, 12:02:56 PM »
Some news:

- Today is Gunbot second Birthday: as a special Thank you to the entire community, i announce a new born in our Gunthy family, the GUNTHY token. There will be no ICO and we will distribute GUNTHY token to all our users with a special airdrop. GUNTHY token is an ERC20 token and in the next days i will announce exchanges you will be able to trade it. GUNTHY token will add monetary value to your Gunbot license, take it as my personal GB Birthday gift to each one of you. Happy Xmas!
Smart contract:
Very short white paper as we dont really need long white papers:

- Since yesterday Gunbot official resellers started the Xmas promo: 50% off discount for all Gunbot packages. Get your discount here:,1241.0.html

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