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Hi all,

I’ve set up the new version of Gunbot (v10.7.2) and am trading 7 pairs. Everything seems to work on the platform. However, my Telegram bot only receives messages on 2 pairs - but there were trades on 6 different pairs already. Since the Telegram integration is defined globally, I can’t understand the reason it “filters out” some of the trades.

Any insights will be great


Beginners & Help / Gunbot v3.3.2 BB Questions
« on: July 15, 2017, 10:18:22 AM »
Hey guys,

New to Gunbot.
Been running it for about 12 hours now on 2 coins: LTC and ETC.
I'm using the default BB config with 25% buy and 25% sell.

I'm wondering why the calculated BB values look like this (LTC):
Low Bollinger Band 0.01912467 — High Bollinger Band 0.01921434
But the buy price is set to much lower than the low bollinger band: Price to buy: 0.018601398029999997

Thanks for answers :)

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