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V22.0.2 - Only Charting 4 Days


On V21.5.7 - Charts show up to 30 days data including trades (POLO) = Good
On V22.0.2 - Literally only a rolling 4 Days of data charted (BINANCE & POLO) = Really frustrating!

[Edit: Ultimate by the way]

Support suggested CANDLES LENGTH: 200 would do it but no effect whatsoever.

Cannot seem to find an answer anywhere...

UPDATE: 16.06.2021

Set up another instance of V22.0.2

Set up Poloniex Pairs only - and chart does span 30 days.

So it would seem to be only a Binance issue?

Surely there is a way to show more than a rolling 4 days of chart data from Binance?


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