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Hey Gunthy, when is the next GUI version going to be released? We're stuck in 3.3 as of now, right? There's lots of good stuff you've put into the bot and we'd love to use it!

HELP! I'm sometimes seeing the same issue. I use a 200-day BB on Bittrex and the bot just bought some ADX well above the 25% low BB setting I have. See attached annotated screenshots.

General Discussion / Re: Apply saved settings without restarting pair?
« on: September 05, 2017, 11:51:52 PM »
Looks like if I wait long enough the settings are refreshing in the top right pane. Not on a VPS. Running in Windows on Parallels on my Mac.

Related to your comment about changes not being big enough to change the numbers based on something else driving it, can you give me an example? I've heard that there can potentially be conflicting BB vs Buy Level settings. If I'm running Buy Level 3 with 25% / 25% BB settings, does that mean that even if the price is below the 25% low BB limit, the bot may still not buy until 3% below EMA? Perhaps there's a more optimal setup than what I'm doing. I'm seeing buys, but not as many as I would expect.

General Discussion / Apply saved settings without restarting pair?
« on: September 05, 2017, 09:32:50 PM »
I'm running 3.3 GUI version on Windows 7. When I make a change to settings for a pair (e.g. change Max Balance to Trade or BB high / low settings), and I save settings for the pair, I don't see the settings updating in the top right pane of the live window for that pair. Scrolling down to the bottom of the top right pane, it's still indicating the previous settings. How do I ensure that those new settings are updated without having to stop the bot on that pair and restart? (Further, is there any downside to stopping the bot and restarting the pair, aside from losing session history on BTC profit)?

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