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Beginners & Help / "Sell at" is below market price???
« on: February 05, 2021, 08:20:56 AM »
I'm using MACD for both buy and sell strategies. I overrided that my bought price was 1350. My bot is saying that it wants to sell at 1356 when the current price is 1600+. I didn't change any of the default MACD settings other than the default short, long, and signal values. What is wrong with my settings?

"pairs": {
        "binance": {
            "USDT-ETH": {
                "strategy": "macd",
                "enabled": true,
                "override": {
                    "TRADING_LIMIT": "200",
                    "MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL": "10",
                    "MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY": "10",
                    "BOUGHT_PRICE": 1350

        "macd": {
            "ADX_ENABLED": false,
            "ADX_LEVEL": 25,
            "ATRX": 0.5,
            "ATR_PERIOD": 14,
            "BTC_MONEY_FLOW": 35,
            "BTC_PND_PERIOD": 14,
            "BTC_PND_PROTECTION": false,
            "BUYLVL": 1,
            "BUYLVL1": 0.6,
            "BUYLVL2": 2,
            "BUYLVL3": 70,
            "BUY_ENABLED": true,
            "SINGLE_BUY": false,
            "BUY_LEVEL": 1,
            "BUY_METHOD": "MACD",
            "BUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "CANDLES_LENGTH": 99,
            "COUNT_SELL": 9999,
            "DISPLACEMENT": 26,
            "DI_PERIOD": 14,
            "DOUBLE_CHECK_GAIN": true,
            "DOUBLE_UP": false,
            "DOUBLE_UP_CAP": 1,
            "DU_BUYDOWN": 2,
            "DU_CAP_COUNT": 0,
            "DU_METHOD": "HIGHBB",
            "EMA1": 16,
            "EMA2": 8,
            "EMASPREAD": false,
            "EMA_LENGTH": 50,
            "EMAx": 0.5,
            "FAST_SMA": 1,
            "FUNDS_RESERVE": 0.0001,
            "GAIN": 0.5,
            "HIGH_BB": 0,
            "ICHIMOKU_PROTECTION": true,
            "IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE": 0,
            "LIQUIDITY": false,
            "LIQUIDITY_TAKER": false,
            "LIQUIDITY_GAIN": true,
            "MAX_INVESTMENT": 1,
            "NASH_LEAGUE": false,
            "NASH_TIMER": 300,
            "IS_MARGIN_STRAT": false,
            "KEEP_QUOTE": 0,
            "KIJUN_BUY": false,
            "KIJUN_CLOSE": false,
            "KIJUN_PERIOD": 26,
            "KIJUN_SELL": false,
            "KIJUN_STOP": false,
            "KUMO_BUY": false,
            "KUMO_CLOSE": false,
            "KUMO_SELL": false,
            "KUMO_SENTIMENTS": true,
            "KUMO_STOP": true,
            "LEVERAGE": 0,
            "LONG_LEVEL": 1,
            "LOW_BB": 0,
            "MACD_LONG": "26",
            "MACD_SHORT": "12",
            "MACD_SIGNAL": "9",
            "MAKER_FEES": false,
            "TAKER_FEES": false,
            "MARKET_BUY": false,
            "MARKET_BUYBACK": false,
            "MARKET_CLOSE": false,
            "MARKET_DU": false,
            "MARKET_FOK": false,
            "MARKET_RTBUY": false,
            "MARKET_RTSELL": false,
            "MARKET_SELL": false,
            "MARKET_STOP": false,
            "MEAN_REVERSION": false,
            "MFI_BUY_LEVEL": 30,
            "MFI_ENABLED": false,
            "MFI_LENGTH": 14,
            "MFI_SELL_LEVEL": 70,
            "MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY": "10",
            "MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL": "10",
            "NBA": 0,
            "PANIC_SELL": false,
            "PERIOD": 15,
            "PP_BUY": 0,
            "PP_SELL": 99999,
            "PRE_ORDER": false,
            "PRE_ORDER_GAP": 0,
            "RENKO_ATR": true,
            "RENKO_BRICK_SIZE": 0.0001,
            "RENKO_PERIOD": 15,
            "ROE": 1,
            "ROE_CLOSE": false,
            "ROE_LIMIT": 1,
            "ROE_TRAILING": false,
            "ROE_SCALPER": false,
            "ROE_SPREAD": 0,
            "RSI_BUY_ENABLED": false,
            "RSI_BUY_LEVEL": 30,
            "RSI_DU_BUY": 30,
            "RSI_LENGTH": 14,
            "RSI_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "RSI_SELL_ENABLED": false,
            "RSI_SELL_LEVEL": 70,
            "RT_BUY_LEVEL": 2,
            "RT_BUY_UP_LEVEL": 0,
            "RT_ENABLED": false,
            "RT_GAIN": 1.5,
            "RT_MAXBAG_PROTECTION": 10,
            "RT_ONCE": false,
            "RT_ONCE_AND_CONTINUE": false,
            "RT_SELL_UP": 0.3,
            "RT_TREND_ENABLED": false,
            "SELLLVL": 1,
            "SELLLVL1": 0.6,
            "SELLLVL2": 2,
            "SELLLVL3": 70,
            "SELL_ENABLED": true,
            "SELL_METHOD": "MACD",
            "SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "SENKOUSPAN_PERIOD": 52,
            "SHORT_LEVEL": 1,
            "SLOW_SMA": 2,
            "SLOW_STOCH_K": 3,
            "SL_DISABLE_BUY": false,
            "SMAPERIOD": 50,
            "STDV": 2,
            "STOCHRSI_BUY_LEVEL": 0.2,
            "STOCHRSI_ENABLED": false,
            "STOCHRSI_LENGTH": 14,
            "STOCHRSI_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "STOCHRSI_SELL_LEVEL": 0.8,
            "STOCH_BUY_LEVEL": 20,
            "STOCH_D": 3,
            "STOCH_ENABLED": false,
            "STOCH_K": 14,
            "STOCH_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "STOCH_SELL_LEVEL": 80,
            "STOP_LIMIT": 60,
            "TAKE_BUY": false,
            "TAKE_PROFIT": false,
            "TBUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TENKAN_BUY": true,
            "TENKAN_CLOSE": true,
            "TENKAN_PERIOD": 9,
            "TENKAN_SELL": true,
            "TENKAN_STOP": false,
            "TL_ALLIN": false,
            "TL_PERC": 0,
            "TM_RT_SELL": false,
            "TP_PROFIT_ONLY": true,
            "TP_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRADES_TIMEOUT": 0,
            "TRADING_LIMIT": "200",
            "TRAIL_ME_BUY": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_BUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRAIL_ME_DU": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_RT": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_RT_SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRAIL_ME_SELL": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TSSL_TARGET_ONLY": true,
            "USE_RENKO": false,
            "XTREND_ENABLED": false,
            "STOP_BUY": 0,
            "STOP_SELL": 0,
            "PND": false,
            "PND_PROTECTION": 1.5,
            "SupportResistance": false,
            "SupRes_ALLOW_DCA": true,
            "SupRes_SPREAD": 0.1,
            "SupRes_LVL_SPREAD": 1,
            "SupRes_MAX": 0,
            "SupRes_TIMER": 300,
            "SupResMinROE": 20,
            "SL_DISABLE_SELL": false

Tried everything I could think of. Ended up wiping my PC to scratch and reset it as factory. It worked lol.

Some more context:

After extracting the "win_14" folder and opening up gunthy-win.exe, some additional folders get generated into the directory, including a folder labeled "logs".

Opening the "logs" folder shows that there are no files in there. I checked for hidden files too and there aren't any. I'm sure this is why the script keeps outputting an error code saying that it's having trouble opening "autoconfig-log.txt" because it doesn't exist and wasn't generated when I started up the program.

Not sure how to resolve this though.

I have followed all the outlined steps in the Wiki and the accompanying video, but upon opening gunthy-win.exe, I get the following error message:

Loading config...
[Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open 'C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\win_14\logs\autoconfig-log.txt'] {
  errno: -4048,
  code: 'EPERM',
  syscall: 'open',
  path: 'C:\\Users\\xxx\\Desktop\\win_14\\logs\\autoconfig-log.txt'
} Uncaught Exception thrown

I can't seem to find any related posts about this issue in the forums either. I have tried:
Running as an administrator
Checking properties for unblock
Windows Defender

Does anybody know how to resolve this issue? Gunbot v16 has no problems with installation.

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