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That's not a solution. The problem is that when a bag DCA's into a break-even sell, it frees up funds and, depending on the market, it might buy the coin again.

Say for example I got a bag of ETH right now. I add funds, it DCA's, the marketprice rises, Gunbot decides it's time to sell, now I've got even more funds. Now the rest of the market does nothing, so my ADA, DOT and LINK don't DCA. ETH follows by dropping 3% and Gunbot decides to buy. Gone are my funds to DCA and clear bags on other alts.

I want to allow DCA, but don't want to allow filling empty bags. As Gunbot is, should be, automated software, I feel it's incorrect to be required to check every few hours if it sold a bag.

Beginners & Help / Enable buy for DCA, but disable buying new coins
« on: July 11, 2021, 02:22:39 PM »
Ever since all markets crashed 40-70%, Gunbot hasn't been doing anything anymore. I've got bags and my wallet doesn't have any change to buy more to DCA. I don't mind putting in a few fiat to allow some DCA. But I don't want Gunbot to buy 'new' coins, only DCA.

Is there a simple way to allow DCA-buying, but disallow buying new coins for which are configured, but you don't have any bags yet?

General Discussion / Re: So.. When is the next update?
« on: April 18, 2021, 10:17:50 AM »
If patches aren't released via Git, then why even use Git in the first place?  :o

General Discussion / So.. When is the next update?
« on: April 15, 2021, 04:07:06 PM »
Especially looking forward for some fixes to the PnL dashboard, because it's totally worthless. Started using Gunbot again end of Januari and the dashboard is broken ever since. Seems no progress on something that costs big money.
Would've expected a patch release within two weeks, a month at least. But seems very silent around here.

Running V21.

A few days back I had about -12% on a pair (luckily not anymore, though) and was waiting for the market price to go up and have the pair Sell again. Instead of waiting, is there a way to instruct Gunbot on an individual pair basis, preferable a single time, to double up to lower the price average?

Would be nice to have that 12% drop to 3-9% and be able to start trading again, instead of waiting.

Technical Support & Development / Re: How to get the PNL Analysis to work?
« on: February 05, 2021, 12:24:36 PM »
The latest →
I even completely deleted my Gunbot folder and restarted from scratch, without avail.

Average Profit/Loss is stuck on NaN while 'All contracts' is selected. A single contract seems to work without issues. Even removing all pairs that have no trades, leaving pairs with >0 profit, doesn't do anything. I'd have thought NaN means it get some kind of null exception, because it couldn't divide numerous profits with a '0' among, but that isn't even the case if all pairs would have trades.

So no, restarting Gunbot on a Ubuntu 20.0x VPS doesn't change anything.

Technical Support & Development / Re: How to get the PNL Analysis to work?
« on: February 04, 2021, 10:39:52 AM »
Restart is sadly not working. It doesn't update after a few days and remains at NaN after stopping and restarting Gunbot.

Technical Support & Development / How to get the PNL Analysis to work?
« on: January 29, 2021, 07:43:45 AM »
I've got Gunbot running for about two weeks now, again, but the PNL Analysis doesn't work at all when using 'All contracts'. I deleted all pairs that over the total running time haven't made a single trade. All contracts now configured have made trades, so at least some data should pop up. When going over each individual contract, trades are shown. Yet, I simply want a full overview of all contracts, but it's stuck on null data (NaN).

How do I fix this?

Technical Support & Development / Should Gunbot have sold here?
« on: January 19, 2021, 10:24:05 AM »
I'm running USD-ADA on Gunbot with SMAcross strategy (trying out various, because I not really know anymore which I should use). It crossed it's sell point multiple times and could've made a nice profit. Yet, it keeps saying 'crossunder slowSMA and fastSMA didnt happen yet...waiting to sell'. Is something else going wrong or isn't SMACross a profitable strategy? If it's really going to sell at the sell point in the screenshot, I'm gonna throw that one away..



General Discussion / Re: Gunbot XT Edition + Gunthy GUI
« on: November 10, 2017, 04:29:51 PM »
Sure, people in the past paid 0.1 BTC and new users half of that. But I bought my license in July and since then Bitcoin has risen three times in value. Considering I still need to pay my rent and other costs in fiat, I bought Gunbot cheaper than I would now.

Technical Support & Development / Remove this post
« on: October 31, 2017, 07:26:43 PM »
Please delete this post as I'm getting an error that I cannot remove this.

Hey guys,

After having 3.3.2 for months and completely not looking at Gunbot for 1.5 months, I just started looking at it again. Big losses, but most of my coins dropped big time. Anyway. I just installed seperately on my VPS and got two questions:

1. In the WEB Gui, page 'viewer', the log area on the left remains filled with question marks (i.e. "Ask: ?, Price to sell: ?"). That doesn't change when selecting a pair
2. Pretty quickly after I started the bot via 'start' it bought a pair. It only doesn't appear on the Trade History log, when clicking on 'View trading history'. Whats up with that?

3. And seperate from the GUI.. I've got some coins holding right now that currently dropped roughly 50% from when I bought it. Is there a way to configure GB so it doesn't sell or bags it, but simply wait till the prices recover? i.e., it bought Stratis at 0.022, which currently sits at 0.0076 if I'm not mistaken. How would I configure GB so it sells when the price at least reaches the BB of 0.022 again and sells without a loss? I'm afraid it will sell my Stratis directly..

Thanks guys!

Beginners & Help / Re: [TUT] How to running GUNBOT in Linux
« on: July 20, 2017, 04:30:06 PM »
Any chance you can tell me how to add a new coin pair while PM2 is running? I'm running 17 pairs successfully on a DigitalOcean 2GB Ubuntu VPS, but launching 18 bots will crash the memory. At start up, they all use an increased amount of memory and once they had their first run, memory will be freed again. With 17 bots at launch, I only have about 60MB ram left. However, letting it spin for 5 minutes frees up about 300-400 MB of RAM. Although I could let it have that, I could start a new pair. But only if PM2 and a few bots are already running.

So therefor I was wondering: How do I add a new task to a running PM2 set of tasks?

Oh, and a second question: Is there a way to include the allpairs-config.js file to overrule settings of all pairs with a single file? :) That would be nice.
Update: The single config files are already told to include the all pairs file, so when you adjust that file PM2 automatically gets updated with the new files.. nice ;)

Beginners & Help / Re: [TUT] How to running GUNBOT in Linux
« on: July 20, 2017, 01:12:56 AM »
Great guide. I started this afternoon with a macOS version and just installed a DigitalOcean 2GB droplet // 20$ and used your guide to get it up and running in about 20 minutes. I'm not experienced with Gunbot at all, but I did knew a few SSH lines since I already use VPS's for my websites.

I've used the default config file, but changed the budget (0.01 → 0.025) and set it up to work with 15 pairs. Can't say it works or doesn't, but it's running right now. But the ease of it.. it's great! And I'm glad this can run in the background, even when the SSH connection is down.

Anyway, it's now 02:10 here, so I'll check back tomorrow how Gunbot performed (although it's market related..).

But one point: Update your guide. There are a number of changes since (at least) gunbot 3.3.2, including naming the market in the argument (e.g. ARGS : BTC_DASH bittrex). And there is a typo and double paste in your example of your gunbot.yaml file. Just reread your post and update for new users. These guides are great, since there is a huge gap between buying gunbot and actually setting it up, especially on a VPS.

I was wondering if I'd kill the VNC process (to free up RAM), do the terminal sessions from the GUI still remain active or is it like killing the VPS?

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