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Author Topic: When does BBTA sell?  (Read 753 times)

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When does BBTA sell?
« on: December 07, 2020, 05:39:50 AM »
Guys, this post can be ignored, I got it to sell, but I'll leave the post here in case anyone else makes the same mistake I made.

I think it wasn't selling because I had my gain set at "0" (I have since put it to "0.1")

I set gain on 0 because I thought if I'm using BBTA then it would just sell if hitting the upper BB, but it seems that it does need to be set to a positive figure to sell. I think setting it to zero must have confused it.


The original post...

I am using Gunbot Starter Edition v20.4.6

Trading with USDT-BTC. On Binance.

The bot bought on the first "Buy" label on the chart (slightly higher than the Low BB line because I have it set to Market Buy), but it should have sold on the first "S" label and didn't. Then it should have bought on the first "B" label and sold on the next "S" label. These would have only been small/safe gains, but that's all I am aiming for.

The bot is still holding the coin now. The price has gone up, so it's been handy that it didn't sell on this occasion - but it's not always going to work that way and I am worried about it not selling, even though the price did reverse under the upper Bollinger band, with it at a level making a gain.

I have Low BB set at "0" and High BB also set at "0".

The lower and upper Bollinger bands are in the image as a green (buy) line and red (sell) line. They are so narrow because I am using a low STDV.

I'm using a 15m period, this is how it looks on a 15m chart:

This is the same thing but in more detail on a 1m chart:

Here's my config, I am using BBTA for buying and selling.

Trading limit is 100 because I am trading with USDT as the base currency.

I did have gain set to "0" before posting this and have since changed it to "0.1".

The price has not yet reached the upper Bollinger band to see if it sells due to changing the gain to "0.1".

I put anything I have changed in blue text, all other settings don't apply to this strategy (or were not changed).

I can't see anything wrong with it:

        "BBTA": {
            "BUY_ENABLED": true,
            "BUY_METHOD": "BBTA",
            "ADX_ENABLED": false,
            "ADX_LEVEL": 25,
            "ATR_PERIOD": 14,
            "ATRX": 0.5,
            "BTC_MONEY_FLOW": 35,
            "BTC_PND_PERIOD": 14,
            "BTC_PND_PROTECTION": false,
            "BUY_LEVEL": 1,
            "BUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "BUYLVL": 1,
            "BUYLVL1": 0.6,
            "BUYLVL2": 2,
            "BUYLVL3": 70,
            "CANDLES_LENGTH": "200",
            "COUNT_SELL": 9999,
            "DI_PERIOD": 14,
            "DISPLACEMENT": 26,
            "DOUBLE_CHECK_GAIN": true,
            "DOUBLE_UP": false,
            "DOUBLE_UP_CAP": 1,
            "DU_BUYDOWN": 2,
            "DU_CAP_COUNT": 0,
            "DU_METHOD": "HIGHBB",
            "EMA_LENGTH": 50,
            "EMA1": 16,
            "EMA2": 8,
            "EMASPREAD": false,
            "EMAx": 0.5,
            "FAST_SMA": 1,
            "FUNDS_RESERVE": 0.0001,
            "GAIN": "0.1",
            "HIGH_BB": 0,
            "ICHIMOKU_PROTECTION": true,
            "IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE": 0,
            "IS_MARGIN_STRAT": false,
            "KEEP_QUOTE": 0,
            "KIJUN_BUY": false,
            "KIJUN_CLOSE": false,
            "KIJUN_PERIOD": 26,
            "KIJUN_SELL": false,
            "KIJUN_STOP": false,
            "KUMO_BUY": false,
            "KUMO_CLOSE": false,
            "KUMO_SELL": false,
            "KUMO_SENTIMENTS": true,
            "KUMO_STOP": true,
            "LEVERAGE": 0,
            "LIQUIDITY": false,
            "LIQUIDITY_GAIN": true,
            "LIQUIDITY_TAKER": false,
            "LONG_LEVEL": 1,
            "LOW_BB": "0",
            "MACD_LONG": 20,
            "MACD_SHORT": 5,
            "MACD_SIGNAL": 10,
            "MAKER_FEES": false,
            "MARKET_BUY": true,
            "MARKET_BUYBACK": false,
            "MARKET_CLOSE": false,
            "MARKET_DU": false,
            "MARKET_FOK": false,
            "MARKET_RTBUY": false,
            "MARKET_RTSELL": false,
            "MARKET_SELL": true,
            "MARKET_STOP": false,
            "MAX_INVESTMENT": 1,
            "MEAN_REVERSION": false,
            "MFI_BUY_LEVEL": 30,
            "MFI_ENABLED": false,
            "MFI_LENGTH": 14,
            "MFI_SELL_LEVEL": 70,
            "MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY": "100",
            "MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL": "100",
            "NBA": 0,
            "PANIC_SELL": false,
            "PERIOD": 15,
            "PND": false,
            "PND_PROTECTION": 1.5,
            "PP_BUY": 0,
            "PP_SELL": 99999,
            "PRE_ORDER": false,
            "PRE_ORDER_GAP": 0,
            "RENKO_ATR": false,
            "RENKO_BRICK_SIZE": 0.0001,
            "RENKO_PERIOD": 15,
            "ROE": 1,
            "ROE_CLOSE": false,
            "ROE_LIMIT": 1,
            "ROE_SCALPER": false,
            "ROE_SPREAD": 0,
            "ROE_TRAILING": false,
            "RSI_BUY_ENABLED": false,
            "RSI_BUY_LEVEL": 30,
            "RSI_DU_BUY": 30,
            "RSI_LENGTH": 14,
            "RSI_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "RSI_SELL_ENABLED": false,
            "RSI_SELL_LEVEL": 70,
            "RT_BUY_LEVEL": 2,
            "RT_BUY_UP_LEVEL": 0,
            "RT_ENABLED": false,
            "RT_GAIN": 1.5,
            "RT_MAXBAG_PROTECTION": 10,
            "RT_ONCE": false,
            "RT_ONCE_AND_CONTINUE": false,
            "RT_SELL_UP": 0.3,
            "RT_TREND_ENABLED": false,
            "SELL_ENABLED": true,
            "SELL_METHOD": "BBTA",
            "SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "SELLLVL": 1,
            "SELLLVL1": 0.6,
            "SELLLVL2": 2,
            "SELLLVL3": 70,
            "SENKOUSPAN_PERIOD": 52,
            "SHORT_LEVEL": 1,
            "SINGLE_BUY": false,
            "SL_DISABLE_BUY": false,
            "SLOW_SMA": 2,
            "SLOW_STOCH_K": 3,
            "SMAPERIOD": "200",
            "STDV": "0.4",
            "STOCH_BUY_LEVEL": 20,
            "STOCH_D": 3,
            "STOCH_ENABLED": false,
            "STOCH_K": 14,
            "STOCH_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "STOCH_SELL_LEVEL": 80,
            "STOCHRSI_BUY_LEVEL": 0.2,
            "STOCHRSI_ENABLED": false,
            "STOCHRSI_LENGTH": 14,
            "STOCHRSI_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "STOCHRSI_SELL_LEVEL": 0.8,
            "STOP_BUY": 0,
            "STOP_LIMIT": "5",
            "STOP_SELL": 0,
            "SupportResistance": false,
            "SupRes_ALLOW_DCA": true,
            "SupRes_LVL_SPREAD": 1,
            "SupRes_MAX": 0,
            "SupRes_SPREAD": 0.1,
            "SupRes_TIMER": 300,
            "SupResMinROE": 20
            "TAKE_BUY": false,
            "TAKE_PROFIT": false,
            "TBUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TENKAN_BUY": true,
            "TENKAN_CLOSE": true,
            "TENKAN_PERIOD": 9,
            "TENKAN_SELL": true,
            "TENKAN_STOP": false,
            "TL_ALLIN": true,
            "TL_PERC": 0,
            "TM_RT_SELL": false,
            "TP_PROFIT_ONLY": true,
            "TP_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRADES_TIMEOUT": 0,
            "TRADING_LIMIT": "100",
            "TRAIL_ME_BUY": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_BUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRAIL_ME_DU": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_RT": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_RT_SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRAIL_ME_SELL": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TSSL_TARGET_ONLY": true,
            "USE_RENKO": false,
            "XTREND_ENABLED": true,

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