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Hi all

Ive been using gunbot and a simple emotionless strategy from Feb to Aug 2021. At the end of august no trades were happening and I realised I had to re verify my binance account.  Now that Ive done that there is still no trades taking place and I wondered if Binance had disabled the API.

Can anyone offer me some advice as to how I can test that the Api is working as it should? I set up a new pair and left it running over the weekend but still no trades have taken place. There is something not correct but unsure how to diagnose the problem.

Can anyone help please?


Technical Support & Development / Spec of PC/Laptop to run the Gunbot
« on: August 24, 2017, 11:09:14 AM »
Hi everyone

Looking forward to getting started with Gunbot but before doing so I wanted to ask about peoples experience of what machines you are running the Gunbot on. I appreciate there are advantages of VPS services however when first getting started its preferable to limit the budget so I was wishing to know what is the minimum spec of PC/Laptop to run the Gunbot. I'm sure with small amounts of RAM you will be limited to a smaller number of currency pairs.

I would welcome peoples input on this topic.

Thanks in advance

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