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This is running gmon on the server at all times. You can't drop to a prompt for security reasons.

SSH extension is a good alternative but I personally wanted to make it easy to get a read-only report from gmon at a web url.

Beginners & Help / Gmon Web Console using GoTTY - linux only for now
« on: June 30, 2017, 12:35:12 AM »
This will give you a web console of your gmon!! Tested on ubuntu. Windows possibly to follow. If root is your only account, make a non-root user. This assumes your gunbot install is in /opt/gunbot

sudo apt-get install linuxbrew-wrapper

brew install yudai/gotty/gotty

cd ~/.linuxbrew/Cellar/gotty/v1.0.0/bin

./gotty -p 6969 gmon -p /opt/gunbot -r 20 -cs

then in a webbrowser go to http://yourserverip:6969



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