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Unfortunately, I am at work and because of the firewall I cannot access my VPS to reconfigure it. Maybe I will jump later to home to do it. Will let you know.

Thanks a lot. This makes more sense now.
Looking forward to see the new documentation.

OK, thanks. I will set.
But still do not understand this big difference in EMA. Which units are these parameters in? In 3.3.2 it was hours?
Would love to see a detailed and clear description about all parameters. Hope 5.05 will bring it.

Thanks for the reply. I also have those pairs except REP, but with BB strategy for both buying and selling. Only ETC was bought once two days ago.
I changed BB buy from 40 to 30, but that still must be fine.
Now, when I compare default settings for BB and BBSTEPGAIN, I see following difference:
"EMA1": 2,
"EMA2": 4,
"EMA1": 2000,
"EMA2": 1000,

LOW_BB": 40
LOW_BB": 45,


What could be the cause?

Beginners & Help / Re: [TUT] How to running GUNBOT in Linux
« on: September 29, 2017, 09:33:28 AM »
Yes, you should be able just to run. I did reinstall the system and there of course I had to start all over again. But with an upgrade, you should be able to continue normally.
However, I cannot figure out a way to keep the bot running after the terminal is closed. I googled and found "nohoop" command and "disown" but they still didn't help. Maybe because I run the boot as root? Any idea?

This version is buying almost nothing. Looking forward to see 5.0.5.

Thanks, but surprisingly, CTRL-C didn't work. Managed to kill the process, but i is not something elegant.
Will reconfigure the bot and try again after.

I was using 3.3.2 and now I was able to start 5.0.4 by pasting my keys in config.js.
But, everything is so confusing....
Now, for example, I cannot figure out how to stop the bot.

What is exactly you problem? I don't think you really need him.

Guys, sorry for a stupid question, but need some help...
I purchased today Contabo Linux VPS and managed to install 3.3.2. Now, I would like to upgrade to V5.0.4. My understanding is that I need to upload the installation package but my VPS doesn´t include an FTP server. What should I do? Find some public ftp and go over it? I managed to install the FTP command on my VPS server.
Please, help...

OK, found a solution - WInSCP tool. Transfer done, let me try to install.
Keeping the post in case somebody else will need it....

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