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Author Topic: [HIRING] Gunbot Experts & Technicians  (Read 3107 times)


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[HIRING] Gunbot Experts & Technicians
« on: January 24, 2018, 08:54:24 PM »
I'm going to re-phrase this post *edit...Your sitting at home on your computer, it takes you 10 minutes to help someone set-up gunbot and you earn crypto deposited to your local wallet *cha-ching all done from the comfort of your home or a cafe (while you sip a nice tea or coffee) in a few short minutes using a skill you have, doing something you enjoy...this is a great opportunity for techy people with a bit of spare time, you earn crypto easily and support crypto as a currency by transacting with it for your services! There's a few positions open for excited individuals (see info below). May all your trades be highly profitable! Cheers! :beers: 
Gunbot Support [Discord]: MSG @altGear with your info to be upgraded to "Bot Mentor" role and get started earning crypto!
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