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Gunbot randomly stops following active trade it created

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Hey everyone.  I've been having this recurring problem in gunbot.  Sometimes, a random pair that's active in trading and has all the neccesary sell, buy, dca, etc. on it just goes inactive.  It doesn't display the ROE %, it doesn't have the green bar on the side, it won't DCA or anything when it's supposed too.  It's becoming more and more serious because in the past, it would always activate again once it turned positive, but now in the current market and with my new strategy, DCA is a critical element.

These are all trades that gunbot started itself, and randomly it just stops following the trade.  Really irritating and actually starting to cause financial issues as of the last four days or so.

What is going on here?  See the picture - Gunbot started a trade between USDT-ADA as ordered, it follows the trade.. and then just randomly, it shows this.  As if the trade isn't even active anymore.  I'll check the bot, everythings fine, then check a few hours later, and suddenly the pair is like it's not even trading.  I do NOTHING in between that time with the bot or on my account in terms of manual trading.

See the attached pictures.  For one (USDT ADA) it is in that randomly deactivated state.  The other picture (BTC-DOGE) is active and all that information was on the USDT-ADA pair, but just dissapears randomly and the pair almost seems inactive and clearly isn't following the strategy.  They both even use the same exact strategy!  What is happening here, I'm starting to really get stressed out.  I reallly appreciate any help.

This is what it should look like.. and it does!  But randomly stops..

I would advice to contact your reseller for primary support.

Thank you.  We are in contact, he's super smart and incredibly helpful, but we still can't figure it out.  What I've found is that I believe the core is having an issue.  The active trades that aren't being followed anymore are giving all NO readouts in the core where it can DCA, buy, sell, etc.  The active trades that are being followed have YES in those readouts where it should.

See how in the screenshot, the DOGE-BTC pair has a YES where it could possibly DCA?  The active pairs that are suddenly not followed, are giving all NO in that section.  So perhaps this is a core issue?  It tends to happen when I "Save Changes" and change a paramater such as DCA buydown (changing it from 4% to 2%) triggered a few pairs to be unfollowed once the changes were saved.  As well, sometimes they just randomly get unfollowed as they are status checked by the core (aka when the Terminal checks the pair and sees what it can do).  So maybe it's  a loss of connection between the core and pairs?


--- Quote from: zicots on May 26, 2021, 05:58:02 PM ---Thank you.  We are in contact, he's super smart and incredibly helpful, but we still can't figure it out.  What I've found is that I believe the core is having an issue. [...]
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Then you or your reseller can report a #corefix at the appropriate Telegram channel:
1.- strictly running the latest build from announcement channel;
2.- provide config.js (save export without private info);
3.- provide the state.json file of the pair;
4.- provide and extra description you think is useful for us; and,
5.- tag your reports with #corefix.


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