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check your telegram chat

i have been in crypto's since 2013, kept Gunbot on my radar and the community has grown from strength to strength, i wrote G a PM but thought i would get the question posted here as well. i am looking for a side experiment with a bot, i have played with bots before with mixed feedback and no help from anyone. people tend to keep the winning tweaks to themselves. i am looking to buy the bot and have a few questions

1.which is the best suited exchange to run the bot on. i have both bittrex and polo accounts
2. this bot can run on windows and Linux. which is the best OS for It. i hvae better experience with windows then linux
3. assuming question one best change is X who can i buy the Bot from ?
4. Who knows this bot inside out and can setup for optimal performance ?
5. when can we start

i like this community alot and hope to meet helpful people.

i am a lifer in this game, i just hodl and need a different approach to make me money trading be it Dust or good steady consistant results

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