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TSSL error and a question


Can anyone explain the below error to me. Happens using TSSL when the sell point is reached and the "Sell" never happens. Min volume is 0.001 and trading is set to all in, also gain has been reached. Also can someone explain the difference between sell range and trail me sell range? Does one have to be larger than the other?

See attachment

Having read up on this it appears I dont need to use trailme sell when using the tssl strategy. The trail range is set by sell and buy range option only


Tested again and still getting same error as soon as the price falls below the sell range trailing stop. Seems to work in the older version of the software so I'm going back until someone can suggest why this is happening.

See attachment for error

Ok, so back to old version and a similar message about the min volume is shown (see attached).

Ive overridden this with a value of 0.002, still get the same message.. Anyone????

For USD or fiat based pairs balance settings needs to be set in fiat, not in btc.


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