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I'm used to PM2. It makes it easy to restart automatically, makes it easy to grab logs and run multiple bots too.
Also works well on any linux version, and OSX.
There are other options, but it works. My goal: Auto start, easy restart, easy log and easy process manager.

I'm having people ask me how to get the latest GB (3.3.3) running in PM2, so it starts at boot and so you don't have a terminal screen open all the time.

So a refresher on PM2:

Install npm:

Install PM2: npm install pm2 -g

Start your gunbot using PM2: From  your gunbot folder
         pm2 start ./gunthy-linx64 -n Gunbot_Name -- --color
            Note the -- --color tag at the end? That lets PM2 display the log in the color Gunthar intended!

Save it: pm2 save

Look for your pm2 ID:
         pm2 list

view your log:
         pm2 log 0 (my pid was 0)

That's it for now. More to come as people build monitors and Gunthar adds features and a gui!

Like the tutorial? Tips are greatly appreciated, as is using my referral for CoinTracking:
CoinTracking: Lots of reports, including tax reporting for exchanges and wallets.  It's not cheap, but if you are trading with more than a token amount, give it a try. 10% Off with this referral (and I get some BTC, thank you!
BTC: 1DiESeLca4RfbvoUTVUg7NSRn16T3G8YPd    (yes, that's a vanity BTC address  8) )
ETH: 0x4381adfb5e212f2ac2477075b866357b0b69c37b

Best way to do this is to move your bag to another account. Polo lets you have multiple accounts, so I have one just for bags...

I keep getting the nasty error where the root user unattaches and i'm trying to use the gunbot proxy as I had a lot of issues with 422s.  Is there any way to secure the root user in a better way to try to prevent that?

Also is there any way you can add a helpful section to your initial post about installing gproxy ( as it really helps when you are running multiple pairs.  Currently i'm at a point where I have the bot working on it's own and the proxy working but then at some point the whole setup crashes and I have to restart leading to errors.  Any idea why?

I run GMON and this, and set up the proxy no problems:

For a website version, you can run Secure SSH, a chrome extension that gives you nice terminal via website.  Chrome only though....

Beginners & Help / Re: How to solve Error 422??
« on: July 10, 2017, 06:04:33 PM »
And I had to chime in: If you are using Ubuntu/Linux I made  quick guide on how I installed the proxy.

Technical Support & Development / Re: Getting double buys on bittrex
« on: July 07, 2017, 09:17:06 PM »
This isn't a solution, BUT... I found that about 1/2 of my Bittrex buys are doubled. So I cut back on the amount I am willing to spend per pair by 1/3... Overall I am spending the same, but have some buys higher than others.   It helps a little - but the problem still needs to be fixed.

Does this mean gmon is always running, or is it firing when you connect?
Are you able to drop to a command prompt at all, or are you just displaying gmon?

I've been using Secure Shell for Chrome, and running it as an app.... basically a TTY connection in the browser, but with the same result....  and the benefit of having full TTY access and secure access.

Nice job!

For everyone wishing we had a way to view our GMON via a browser, I found this:

Secure SSH connections via a Chrome app.  Once I had it set up with font sizes correctly, I now have a link saved to open the app, and can keep GMON running  in my browser. That means I can run it from any chrome browser I can log into from any location/device, which is my goal...  8)

I also found this:

For setting up an actual TTY to web service on the machine.  I'm too lazy to get it running, but it seems appropriate for GMON, if anyone wants to take a whack at getting it running. I get that most people probably aren't as obsessed as I am about seeing my bots via the web... but some are :)

Beer money on the way! Get something good, none of that IPA crap.

1st: LOVE this!
2nd: YES, build a web display for this sucker, people will probably buy (I would).  I do see someone has a webgui out there, but I'm not willing to buy it sight unseen. And I'm not sure I need all those features, just a display.
3rd: What would it take to group (sort) the coins we are holding vs the coins waiting to buy? This would make it much easier to keep an eye on trends for buy vs sell.... just a thought.

Keep up the good work! Also - where do we send beer?

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