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Is there a way to get alarms for this script like I can for other scripts?

I've been trying to upgrade to 5.0 series but Gunthar isn't responding to PM's here. The github instructions say to PM him here on this forum with our 3.2/4.* series API key. But it's been 2+ weeks since I PM'd him. Does he check PM's here? If not, why do the instructions say to do this?

Hey Culture,
I'm on bittrex. BBands. Field: Close, Period: 20, StDev: 2, Moving Average: Exponential.
In gunbot, my bbstepgain config: interval_ticker_update: 15000, period: 5, smaperiod: 400

This is according to your formula: 20-period BB indicator * 5-min candles * 60-seconds / 15 = 400

But as I look at the output of gunbot compared to the Bittrex graphs, the values are "close" but still different. Thoughts?

Code: [Select]
2017/09/24 00:08:13: BTC-STRAT Last Bid/Ask 0.00110777/0.00111678
2017/09/24 00:08:14: Got Trading History
2017/09/24 00:08:14: Price to buy: 0.00110663
2017/09/24 00:08:15: Got Open Orders
2017/09/24 00:08:15: Last Bid/Price to sell: 0.00110777/0.00112336
2017/09/24 00:08:15: Last Ask/Price to buy: 0.00111678/0.00110663
HIGH BB: 0.00112789 == SMA: 0.00111460 == LOW BB: 0.00110132

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