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The community could really use something like "best currencies" from earlier versions.
here's a pretty good one I used earlier for another bot before. 
He is using some sort of point system for volatility and volume. It shows a score in the left column, then you have hourly, daily and weekly volatilty and at last volume.
 You want to choose coins with highest scores and you also wanna check that the hourly volatilty is high and weekly volatilty is low.Unfortunately this site is not running anymore.
If we then could add one more indicator which somehow could identify proper zig zag patterns in the volatility and I think we would have a pretty kick-ass tool for GUNBOT.
As you might have guessed, I have no damn clue how to whip this one together, but I am sure there are members in this community who can make this happen, for free ;)

edit: Found something that could be helpful for a dev.

I might have an idea for how to catch pumps and dumps more effectively.
 What if gunbot started using stop-limit orders and micro trades for both step-gain and BB.
 I'm thinking like this. price moves past lvl 1. Bot makes stop-limit order there and then waits. Second level, bot moves the stop-limit order to 2nd lvl. Then it waits again, until price is higher(or lower if buy mode)and start splitting up the order into smaller ones and spreading them out. This spreading out would mitigate the effects of "wrongly colored" candles in both up and down trends, since you would have some of the coins left if price climbs more, and in that case the bot would gradually move the stop-limit orders step by step to maximize profit.

I am also thinking a wall detector for the bot would be really handy, so the bot wouldn't try to get past walls. Maybe there is already, I have no idea..?? :)


edit: I have found two very interesting indicators which might work very well with or without stop-limit and microtrades. and

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