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Great scripts, thank you for sharing them.
But I have got a few questions:

1) As seen in the screenshot below, although the BB is hit several times with the defualt parameters set to start from 1st November, it shows no profit and no trades. Why might this be?  The same thing happens in other strategies as well. Is it because it doesn't satisfy the minimum gain value somehow?

2) You mentioned the parameters set in the scripts were defaults of Gunbot but for BB for example; yours has SMA: 20, High BB: 18, Low BB: 40 where as Gunbot defaults are SMA: 50, High BB: 45, Low BB: 45. Is there something I am missing here or have things changed in the few days you published this and the GB got published?

3) The default strategy for BB RSI in Gunbot has High and Low BB set to 1, but in your strategy they are 40-18 again. Does Gunbot actually take these BB values in consideration of not? I think this might be a question about GB but... You putting them in your scripts made me wonder what that is about.

4) I guess the list of trades tab do not REALLY work but show an overall gain in the long period, as it only shows a few trades even in the parameters you set for dates (back to the beginning of October).

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