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Author Topic: Everything is going to be alright.  (Read 11760 times)

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Everything is going to be alright.
« on: November 26, 2019, 03:44:50 PM »
Many times in my life I've said that: "We will be fine". Sometimes I've got friends, family people, kids or any other human, looking at me after they vent about an issue or a problem and then at the end asking: "tell me I'll be fine...". I've always said it, it did sound like a cuddle for both them and me and suddenly I could see their face relaxing and a deep breath coming out: "You will be fine...".
I do the same with people talking about Bitcoin or talking about Gunbot: the long phase of price depression after the bump of the last halving brought a lot of newcomers to both Bitcoin and Gunbot. I've seen people investing and working hard on their strategies, I've seen people grow their business, interests, activities in crypto land. And I've seen recursive events coming up over time, always with the same result: "We will be fine" and in a way or another, so it is.
Right now both Bitcoin and Gunbot are in a special path: accumulation.
  • Bitcoin is deeping its price driven by people that understood what Bitcoin is and are riding this piece of technology: whales need to accumulate Bitcoin because in the next months a new halving will come and the only way to accumulate is to buy cheap
  • Gunbot is accumulating experience and technology in order to be more and more adaptive to market changes and conditions: the first versions with AutoConfig (a tool by @boekenbox that allows your bot to automatically change config settings based on market conditions) and UTA (Ultimate Technical Analysis, a tool that allows you to use any indicators combo to build your own strategy) are now available and a lot of people are happily using them
  • Bitcoin is selectively excluding the worst part of it from its own environment: after the last bubble a lot of new exchanges, new companies, new spam were around for a while, but natural laws exist in economy too and all scammers, idiots and people with no strength to conduct a serious business, are now going down one by one by one. Be happy when an exchange goes down: another retard is gone back to banks (and their rules....)
  • Gunbot is selectively taking rid of its bugs, its lack of flexibility, its ugly GUI due to the fact that its main developer is a nerd that thinks "Windows" are wall's holes covered with glass: an intense debugging has been done and a special task force is dedicated to debugging 24/7 while developers from Colorize team are about to deliver one of the best User Interfaces you have ever seen in our history, expected for Xmas edition
  • Bitcoin has become a global strategy: cash money flows in one direction only, from the poorest people to the richest companies on top of the terrestrial economic pyramid. Never the contrary, it is by design: you spend your money till you have nothing more in your wallet and over that money you pay interests to banks that accumulate more money and can then lend that money to National Governments to pay their Public Debts. And the more money central banks lend, the more interests they receive and the more Public Debts grows forcing you to pay more interests with taxes, in an infinite spiral that enforces the cash flow to go from you to central banks. Bitcoin is the latest strategy to further collect fiat currencies: they want you to buy Bitcoin using your credit card (and your fiat currency). They fight miners because miners are a source of Bitcoin you can collect without using fiat. They fight exchanges because you can buy Bitcoin at exchanges using another asset than fiat, and so on. Don't get in the trap: don't buy Bitcoin, trade it or mine it and follow the whales, they are accumulating Bitcoin in this phase of the market because of the imminent halving.
  • Gunbot community evolved its presence in crypto land by issuing its own token: GUNTHY. It is an asset that has been freely distributed to all Gunbot owners and it is an asset you will be able to trade as base currency against Bitcoin at - Property of Gunbot community, designed to give Gunbot community the power to accumulate and trade in a safe environment far away from scammers, idiots with no sense of business, central banks. By starting GUNTHY exchange we will stop distributing free tokens to old licenses and we will gradually move to a full token licenses system: it means you will be able to sell GUNTHY at our exchange to people that just want to buy GUNTHY to activate their Gunbot licenses. Gunbot, bitRage, Market Maker, Gunbot Forex, Gunbot Futures Edition, Backtesting, and a 7th product i will announce later on this post will be all available by using your GUNTHY token holdings.

Let's see the imminent future now:
  • 136 exchanges are now available to trade on Gunbot: just download the new v15 release and pick up your API/secret for your desired exchange in the list and you are ready to go
  • AutoConfig is now available on Gunbot: you can now set a list of conditions that will change your strategy based on the market conditions
  • Custom strategies are now available on Gunbot: pick up one or more indicators you like and build your own strategy using more than 120 Technical Indicators

And the actual offers:
  • BLACK FRIDAY with over 80% discount on all licenses: it lasts till 29 of November, have a look at resellers pricing list and enjoy
Conclusions and a personal message to you:
Bitcoin will not crash, will not inflate, will not give up: it will grow its value against fiat currencies because it was created for that. Gunbot and its community will not give up either: one of my main personal goal in this crypto business is to purge our community from scammers and manipulators and we are at a point I can safely affirm every single user of ours is in complete trust and good standing with everyone else and vice-versa. The next step will be something that will make all of us wonder like little kids: you surely heard about Artificial Intelligence in the past years. A fail I would say, there is not Artificial Intelligence that can replace humans in trading and a bot like Gunbot started to learn from humans since its first start and it has now become smart and complex enough for its next level: we are going to add our Community Intelligence to it. A special room with our oldest and experienced users will cooperate with me personally in 2020 to add to every single Gunbot feature, the Intelligence we would have by manual trading: what would see a human eye and a human brain do in case of GAIN strategy during market changes? What would a human trader do in case MACD strategy changes as the order book changes? How would a human trader handle that bag that was created because an asset crashed after we bought it?
This is the direction I want our bot to go, Gunbot Community AI, the 7th sister: we will be fine.

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Re: Everything is going to be alright.
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2021, 01:57:38 AM »
Gunbot seems awesome. Anyone still using it to get the full picture of Bitcoin? I've been trading Bitcoin and other Crypto for quite a while now as part of my portfolio diversification I'm not sure yet if I will put a good amount of money on acquiring a full Bitcoin, but Gunbot seems quite promising! So far I have been getting a decent amount of profit from Investous where I trade mostly technically with losses and wins at the same time! For all that matters adding more trading tools is the best strategy for me.
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Re: Everything is going to be alright.
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2021, 03:46:24 AM »
Gunbot seems awesome. Anyone still using it to get the full picture of Bitcoin?

Thousands of botters are using it, specially since latest version is amazing.

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Re: Everything is going to be alright.
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2021, 09:23:35 PM »
Yeah, its latest version is catchy.