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Author Topic: 1000trades config in gunbot v2.x = the new "Step-Gain" config in v3.x?  (Read 6469 times)

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until now, I've been using Gunbot v2.x (on windows),
and the 1000trades algo (using the basic 1000trades settings from here : )
the gunbox.exe to update the configurations
and a batchfile on the commandline to start my currency pairs  (e.g. "node 1000trades BTC_xxx")

Now with the new v3.x, the way I see the settings displayed, what used to be the setting for the 1000trades, is now the settings window for "step gain",
whereas the tab for the 1000trades settings, seems to be a simplified version

so where I used to run "node 1000trades BTC_xxx" in v2, do I now run "node stepgain BTC_xxx" or still "node 1000trades BTC_xxx" with the config files


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"node BB BTC_ETH poloniex" for poloniex market on Bollinger Band strategy
"node BB BTC_ETH kraken" for kraken market on Bollinger Band strategy
"node BB BTC_ETH bittrex" for bittrex market on Bollinger Band strategy
"node stepgain BTC_ETH" for poloniex market on STEP_GAIN strategy
"node 1000trades" for poloniex market on 1000trades strategy
"node supergun" for poloniex market on Russian Roulette strategy

Here are the config files for each strategy (Linux/Mac/ARM only):

BB-BTC_XXX-config.js for Bollinger Band strategy pairs
BTC_XXX-config.js for STEP_GAIN strategy pairs
config.js and params.js for 1000trades and supergun strategies pairs.