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Beginners & Help / long and short syntax for Bybit
« on: June 08, 2021, 09:54:01 AM »
Dear Forum members,

can someone give me the syntax which is needed to execute by Gunbot for the
"inverse perpetual margin coin" --> BTCUSD
for trigger "short" and "long" and also a stop loos and take profit syntax pls in one alert via TradingView.

Other wish is from my side how can i trigger a order which will automatically open with a short (close a long) with a automatically short  trade directly afterwards?
Thank a lot in advance!

Ok, i fixed this issue. For other interested traders which are using the Tradingview alert function:
I pasted the "BUY_exchange..." in the short description of the Alert in Tradingview. This works now great. Thanks for this great hint. In parallel i raised also a help request ticket to gunthy - support: My experiance is now - They dont get the error and its takes far to long to have a support reply. Sorry, but for me is that waste of money not to trade and therefor its deserve better support for paying customer. Always much room for improvement. Maybe the next time works better

what i have to do now? I dont get this. :-(

And what is the reason why? Changed content of the email?

Hello community, did somebody recordnize the same?

Iam using the Tradingview account and the connection to the appropriate email account is the same and its working.

But a new received alert email won´t be recordnize since today. Somebody has the same issue?

Tried it now with the Version 18, 20 and 21.1 and its the same problem in every version of Gunbot.

I am using the LINUX - Gunbot versions

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