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Thank's mate!

I might just have solved it myself since not a single buy order went through with ADX. It's when you don't have enabled ADX as a confirming indicator. As soon as I enabled this, buy orders went through again... but not sure yet. The latest tests are just a few hours old...

Update: The new Version (24.6.7.) does not fix the problem but the solution was to enable ADX as a confirming indivator. Only tested it with spot so far but it works fine. Will report as soon as I have some futures results.

Update II: It's confirmed! If you use ADX strategy, enabling ADX as confirming indicator is a must! Now it finally trades as it should! Case closed!

Short update... it seems, "the price to buy" is always too high... but since ADX is the only indicatro I use, how can the price be too high?

Do I miss something?

Hi friends,

I am currently experimenting with futures. And I've discovered a problem.

After gunbot once went short/long, it will bot be able to change direction. An exemple: gunbot shorted XRP but it went up and at some point the stop loss triggered. All indicators (actually I just use ADX) would now suggest to go long. But the bot does not. He somehow just does not go long anymore after have been short.

Yes I do allow short and long in the settings.

Gunbot says actually: "Directional Index is good yet...waiting to buy...". But he never does. As soon as the indicators point towards a short, he is completely capable of doing so...

Does somebody know a solution?

Thanks you guys!

Thank you for your reply. Actually that was my initial suspicion. One can even see how the MACD-line gets ajusted at every cycle. In my opinion it should only be ajusted at the end of the period. Do you have a walkaround? I would love to use MACD as an entry point but the bot keeps buying crossdowns which is a bit uncomfortable.

Hi friends

I am constantly getting the following error:

TypeError: Cannot read property '-1' of undefined
    at timeseries.SolveLE (/snapshot/node14Win/node_modules/timeseries-analysis/timeseries-analysis.js:993:22)
    at timeseries.ARLeastSquare (/snapshot/node14Win/node_modules/timeseries-analysis/timeseries-analysis.js:942:20)
    at /snapshot/node14Win/gain.js
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)

Dowloading gunbot again does not help. Running gb on a raspi.

What's wrong? And could this error affect the trading? The bot seems to have a crossup-, crossdown-recognition problem. It constantly buys at a crossdown (macd, SMAcross).

All the best!

Hi friends

I set up a strategy with MACD-buy and TSSL-sell. I use it on several alts. Base is btc.
Now sometimes a buy order is sent out, right when the MACD-line crosses the signal-line from above (which should be a sell signal actually).

How can this be? Any suggestions?

Edit: I might have found a pattern/the reason. It's if the TSSL-sell fires if the MACD ist still above the signal-line. If MACD crosses now down over the signal line, a buy order gets out. I really don't think this should be like that. Any clue how to overrule this?

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