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Beginners & Help / erase history
« on: October 25, 2022, 06:16:56 PM »
Can I erase the history of the PNL? A coin messed up my stats and I want to start anew.
Thanks  :D

Technical Support & Development / Re: PNL wrong for USD-ADA
« on: October 24, 2022, 07:13:17 PM »
I now upgraded to version 24.6.7 but still have this problem. All coins work great but ADA (Cardano) calculates the wrong PNL. (I only wish this was correct 88%  ::))
I'm running on a dedicated W11 PC. Does someone has an idea????

As you can see I'm making a profit of 8USD on a trade of 10USD.
Thank you

Technical Support & Development / PNL wrong for USD-ADA
« on: October 22, 2022, 07:58:43 PM »
I test-trading 5 coins with USD bases. All work fine except USD-ADA. On this coin the Profit/loss is (I think) 100 times fold. This messes up my stats. I have tried to delete the coin and then reintroduce it again or copy a strategy from a working coin but no go. Every trade is 100 times the value it should be.
Anybody suggestions or doe you have it to? I'm running v24.1.5

Beginners & Help / Re: Bot is not selling
« on: November 24, 2020, 10:50:21 AM »
Thanks for the tip. I had never seen this page before. This would explaine a

Beginners & Help / Bot is not selling
« on: November 20, 2020, 08:12:35 PM »

I have this annoying problem with my bot that is not selling like I think it should. Missed a lot op profit with it. I have been reading all the documentation and checked the parameters multiple times but no good. I'm using TSSL as a selling strategy and this afternoon I got a perfect example of the bot not selling. If you look at the picture I think all prerequisites are met to sell within the marked zone to have a nice sell. There was enough profit. There was enough drop and nothing to hold back. Basically it is just a very simple TSSL strategy, no bells nor whistles.  ;) It looks the bot is moving the sell point down.
What am I doing wrong?  ??? Can someone give me a tip please? I have added the parameters of the strategy.

 "BBtsslpaarlemoer": {
            "ADX_ENABLED": false,
            "ADX_LEVEL": 25,
            "ATRX": 0.5,
            "ATR_PERIOD": 14,
            "BTC_MONEY_FLOW": 35,
            "BTC_PND_PERIOD": 14,
            "BTC_PND_PROTECTION": false,
            "BUYLVL": 1,
            "BUYLVL1": 0.6,
            "BUYLVL2": 2,
            "BUYLVL3": 70,
            "BUY_ENABLED": true,
            "SINGLE_BUY": false,
            "BUY_LEVEL": "0.5",
            "BUY_METHOD": "bb",
            "BUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "CANDLES_LENGTH": 99,
            "COUNT_SELL": 9999,
            "DISPLACEMENT": 26,
            "DI_PERIOD": 14,
            "DOUBLE_CHECK_GAIN": false,
            "DOUBLE_UP": true,
            "DOUBLE_UP_CAP": "2",
            "DU_BUYDOWN": 2,
            "DU_CAP_COUNT": "3",
            "DU_METHOD": "HIGHBB",
            "EMA1": 16,
            "EMA2": 8,
            "EMASPREAD": false,
            "EMA_LENGTH": 50,
            "EMAx": 0.5,
            "FAST_SMA": 1,
            "FUNDS_RESERVE": 0.0001,
            "GAIN": 0.5,
            "HIGH_BB": 0,
            "ICHIMOKU_PROTECTION": true,
            "IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE": 0,
            "LIQUIDITY": false,
            "LIQUIDITY_TAKER": false,
            "LIQUIDITY_GAIN": true,
            "MAX_INVESTMENT": 1,
            "IS_MARGIN_STRAT": false,
            "KEEP_QUOTE": 0,
            "KIJUN_BUY": false,
            "KIJUN_CLOSE": false,
            "KIJUN_PERIOD": 26,
            "KIJUN_SELL": false,
            "KIJUN_STOP": false,
            "KUMO_BUY": false,
            "KUMO_CLOSE": false,
            "KUMO_SELL": false,
            "KUMO_SENTIMENTS": true,
            "KUMO_STOP": true,
            "LEVERAGE": 0,
            "LONG_LEVEL": 1,
            "LOW_BB": 0,
            "MACD_LONG": 20,
            "MACD_SHORT": 5,
            "MACD_SIGNAL": 10,
            "MAKER_FEES": false,
            "MARKET_BUY": false,
            "MARKET_BUYBACK": false,
            "MARKET_CLOSE": false,
            "MARKET_DU": false,
            "MARKET_FOK": false,
            "MARKET_RTBUY": false,
            "MARKET_RTSELL": false,
            "MARKET_SELL": false,
            "MARKET_STOP": false,
            "MEAN_REVERSION": false,
            "MFI_BUY_LEVEL": 30,
            "MFI_ENABLED": false,
            "MFI_LENGTH": 14,
            "MFI_SELL_LEVEL": 70,
            "MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY": "11",
            "MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL": "11",
            "NBA": 0,
            "PANIC_SELL": false,
            "PERIOD": 3,
            "PP_BUY": 0,
            "PP_SELL": 99999,
            "PRE_ORDER": false,
            "PRE_ORDER_GAP": 0,
            "RENKO_ATR": false,
            "RENKO_BRICK_SIZE": 0.0001,
            "RENKO_PERIOD": 15,
            "ROE": 1,
            "ROE_CLOSE": false,
            "ROE_LIMIT": 1,
            "ROE_TRAILING": false,
            "ROE_SCALPER": false,
            "ROE_SPREAD": 0,
            "RSI_BUY_ENABLED": false,
            "RSI_BUY_LEVEL": 30,
            "RSI_DU_BUY": 30,
            "RSI_LENGTH": 14,
            "RSI_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "RSI_SELL_ENABLED": false,
            "RSI_SELL_LEVEL": 70,
            "RT_BUY_LEVEL": 2,
            "RT_BUY_UP_LEVEL": 0,
            "RT_ENABLED": false,
            "RT_GAIN": 1.5,
            "RT_MAXBAG_PROTECTION": 10,
            "RT_ONCE": false,
            "RT_ONCE_AND_CONTINUE": false,
            "RT_SELL_UP": 0.3,
            "RT_TREND_ENABLED": false,
            "SELLLVL": 1,
            "SELLLVL1": 0.6,
            "SELLLVL2": 2,
            "SELLLVL3": 70,
            "SELL_ENABLED": true,
            "SELL_METHOD": "tssl",
            "SELL_RANGE": "0.3",
            "SENKOUSPAN_PERIOD": 52,
            "SHORT_LEVEL": 1,
            "SLOW_SMA": 2,
            "SLOW_STOCH_K": 3,
            "SL_DISABLE_BUY": true,
            "SMAPERIOD": 50,
            "STDV": 2,
            "STOCHRSI_BUY_LEVEL": 0.2,
            "STOCHRSI_ENABLED": false,
            "STOCHRSI_LENGTH": 14,
            "STOCHRSI_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "STOCHRSI_SELL_LEVEL": 0.8,
            "STOCH_BUY_LEVEL": 20,
            "STOCH_D": 3,
            "STOCH_ENABLED": false,
            "STOCH_K": 14,
            "STOCH_METHOD": "oscillator",
            "STOCH_SELL_LEVEL": 80,
            "STOP_LIMIT": "95",
            "TAKE_BUY": true,
            "TAKE_PROFIT": false,
            "TBUY_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TENKAN_BUY": true,
            "TENKAN_CLOSE": true,
            "TENKAN_PERIOD": 9,
            "TENKAN_SELL": true,
            "TENKAN_STOP": false,
            "TL_ALLIN": false,
            "TL_PERC": 0,
            "TM_RT_SELL": false,
            "TP_PROFIT_ONLY": true,
            "TP_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRADES_TIMEOUT": 0,
            "TRADING_LIMIT": "25",
            "TRAIL_ME_BUY": true,
            "TRAIL_ME_BUY_RANGE": "0.3",
            "TRAIL_ME_DU": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_RT": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_RT_SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TRAIL_ME_SELL": false,
            "TRAIL_ME_SELL_RANGE": 0.5,
            "TSSL_TARGET_ONLY": false,
            "USE_RENKO": false,
            "XTREND_ENABLED": true,
            "STOP_BUY": 0,
            "STOP_SELL": 0,
            "PND": false,
            "PND_PROTECTION": 1.5,
            "SupportResistance": false,
            "SupRes_ALLOW_DCA": true,
            "SupRes_SPREAD": 0.1,
            "SupRes_LVL_SPREAD": 1,
            "SupRes_MAX": 0,
            "SupRes_TIMER": 300,
            "SupResMinROE": 20

Beginners & Help / anyone using MACD/MACDH strategy?
« on: October 14, 2018, 03:11:14 PM »
I have been experimenting with MACD as a strategy but it acts different then I would expect. It never buys or sells at the points of crossing (checked the parameters and they are correct) and almost always sells at a loss. Different pairs, different parameters or period all seem to have no influence. Does anyone has the same experience with this strategy or on the contrary all is perfect with you? (please share me your setting  :)) I'm getting very frustrating. If viewed on TV this strategy is profitable but on my setup the only think I do is lose money. :(

Love to hear any comments.

Beginners & Help / Restart trading
« on: August 20, 2018, 09:42:50 PM »
My portfolio lost 30% since the crash. Since then gb has not done any selling since the price is always below the bought price. I could wailt untill the price again raises but that could be months. Is it a good idea the reset the bought price and so restart the cycle of buying/selling. I hope to make faster profit using the variations in prices then it would take to just wait until price is again above bought price.
Any suggestions/comments?

Beginners & Help / Re: Moving from windows to linux
« on: August 20, 2018, 09:34:45 PM »
No i am not. But got it working on linux. Runs great

Beginners & Help / Moving from windows to linux
« on: July 26, 2018, 03:39:38 PM »
I would like to move my account from Windows 10 to Linux. Installing GB on linux and just move config.js does not work.
Does anyone has a good method to do this? Must be possible without starting from scratch.

Any help is very appreciated.

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