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Thank you for these. They save me so much time. If I buy the paid version, does it include testing or the "RT" settings on 9.5.1 (or other 9.5.1 stuff)?

Sorry I don't check forum as often as I should, details on what is included in Deluxe is kept current on first post at this link...,2381.0.html

Awesome stuff here, I assume that 0.25% exchange rate is factored.

Sorry for such delayed response, exchange trading fee is per trade, it is factored into net profit, and is set here...

Format -> Properties -> Commission

Beginners & Help / TSSL logic diagram
« on: March 11, 2018, 10:00:49 PM »
​TSSL strat can seem overwhelming at first, it takes some time to fully grasp how it works (at least it did for me). I created the following diagram to aid with visualizing the logic flow...

What I'm using is Gunthar's STEPGAIN ideas but he has added something new in the latest version that also uses SMA and I have not updated that part yet. That is why you are not seeing any difference when changing SMA in my script. I have alerted him to the fact that it appears his old version of STEPGAIN is working better so he is going to fix this soon, at that point my script should match Gunbot more closely for STEPGAIN.

Updated yesterday to support Gunbot 7.

TradingView on rare occasion may splash parsing error after update. If you encounter this error or other weird behavior after an update, you will need to remove the indicator from all charts, refresh browser page, and then reload it.

Also remember if you have indicator loaded in any saved charts it will needed to be removed frrom those as well before refreshing web page and adding indicator back to charts.

You're the man Allanster!  Been recommending this thread and the deluxe to noobies all day.  Keep up the great work!

LOL thanks Krypto! And you are a mean machine brother. I truly appreciate all you've done for me and many others as well.

Same Question as above - what about EMA1 and EMA2? Another thing is that gunbot-XT has no longer the BBRSI strategy  ... Can I adept that to BBRSIBB?

Thanks a lot for these scripts!!!


Okay, I have been so busy with support questions I haven't had time to stay up to date with changes in Beta group. I have spoken with Trashdog and he was kind enough to bring me up date. You are correct BB-RSI has been removed from latest nightly builds as a strat and RSI has been added as an optional extra condition to all of the strats. It is disabled by default.

I have to base Gunbot Tuners off the static version of Gunbot which the majority of users are using. That would currently be latest stable which is 6.0.2

I will begin making changes to try and have them ready for when 7.x series receives it's stable designation and will update Deluxe Tuners at that time and the free tuners will then be updated afterwards. Be sure to "Follow" me on TradingView so you will receive notifications of when these changes occur.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Same Question as above - what about EMA1 and EMA2? Another thing is that gunbot-XT has no longer the BBRSI strategy  ... Can I adept that to BBRSIBB?

Thanks a lot for these scripts!!!


EMA is not asked for in the free tuners and is ignored in the Deluxe tuner because it is not used when you are BUYING with BB, that is why.

EMA is used to buy only with Gain / Stepgain / TSSL strategies and each of those strategies SELL x% above BOUGHT PRICE regardless of what was used to make the BUY decision.

Sorry I don't understand what you mean buy BB-RSI no longer being a strategy. <- SEE NEXT POST FOR UPDATED ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION

Thanks a lot for these scripts!

Any chance we could have BBRSIStepgain for backtesting?

This is now available in Deluxe, see...,2381.msg10615.html#msg10615

Hello there, and I must say thank you for all these awesome tools. I'm having an issue with the BBRSI strategy, done a lot of backtesting and I've seen that my bot makes some stupid trades that the tuner somehow avoids. Is there any common mistake I should check first? Also, how about the EMA1/EMA2? There are no settings for them in the tuner so I just left them at default 24/12 in the bot, is that OK?

EMA is not asked for in the free tuners and is ignored in the Deluxe tuner because it is not used when you are BUYING with BB, that is why.

EMA is used to buy only with Gain / Stepgain / TSSL strategies and each of those strategies SELL x% above BOUGHT PRICE regardless of what was used to make the BUY decision.

As far as Gunbot not buying that would be an issue that you would need to speak with Gunbot devs about.


In the BB \ BBRSI \ BBstepgain charts there is no EMA1 EMA2, how correct is the situation on the charts without these data, in GUNBOT?
gunbot uses long and short ema in my work, how do I know the approximate profit without them?

EMA is not asked for in the free tuners and is ignored in the Deluxe tuner because it is not used when you are BUYING with BB, that is why.

EMA is used to buy only with Gain / Stepgain / TSSL strategies and each of those strategies SELL x% above BOUGHT PRICE regardless of what was used to make the BUY decision.

The first post says you can use a free tradingview account, however intraday candles are not available on free accounts.

Your statement is incorrect, TradingView free accounts do have intraday candles.

The right click in the chart don't work for me, i have favorited, reloaded the page, and i have the granted permission, but don't work

When you go to first load the indicator and click on the chart it must be in the rectangle containing the candles BUT you must click in blank area where there are no candles or indicators, otherwise you will be clicking on them instead.

In order to change settings in indicator this has already been answered above in this same thread here...,1788.msg8731.html#msg8731

BB Stepgain script only shows 11/24 to 11/29 trades on the 5min chart, is there something I'm missing? No new trades when backtesting.

Not enough info provided to investigate, to answer questions like these I would need exchange, pair, strat, settings, UTC time and dates.

Some different things to try when troubleshooting would be to... load a different pair as a test, try refreshing the browser screen, or removing and reloading the indicator. Sometimes TradingView has hiccups.

The most common reason is STOP_LIMIT, if that pair has dropped in price then you may have had a buy in the past that is off of screen to the left. With default STOP_LIMIT of 60 it isn't likely going to sell and so you are not seeing any trades because it is bagged up somewhere in the past that is off screen to the left. Look at the difference in trades between these 2 screen shots, the only difference is I lowered the STOP_LIMIT from 60 to 5 (only as a test!) on the second picture...

Thanks everyone for your kind words, much appreciated!

I do plan on providing more (and hopefully better) documentation soon for these. I am currently updating the scripts and trying to keep up with Gunthar's improvements in Gunbot which is a difficult task to keep up with.

As far as questions about the stepgain levels, Gunbot starts from whichever minimum level you specify and that level is what is meant to be represented by the single field for buy and sell in my script. So if you specified BUYLVL 2 in Gunbot meaning use BUY_LEVEL 2 and BUY_LEVEL 3 then the field in my script represents BUY_LEVEL 2 in that instance and then it follows the same logic as Gunbot of trying to get the maximum before trend reversal.

Hi.  Thanks for these.  Talk about power tools!

I'm still getting used to the tools, but I had two quick questions.  Trying to compare a starting point, I had bbrsi set against XVGBTC like you did earlier in the thread.  I noticed that with the newer defaults of 100000 in initial capital and order size, net profit is still 568.76 so as a percentage it's 0.57%.  If I change them back to 10000 for both, I get the 5.69% shown in the SS.  Is it possible that order size isn't working correctly when it's 100000?  I'm not super familiar with the backtesting engine, but if I had had an order of magnitude larger than the defaults before, I'd expect 5687.60 on 100000.

Edit: Changing the amounts seems to work correctly on NEOBTC, but not XVGBTC, strange.

Also, it looks like PERIOD has been removed from settings.  Are you picking that up directly from the period selected on the chart?

I was able to reproduce your results initially just now the first time I loaded up XVGBTC and was quite puzzled by this. I had opened BB-RSI tuner and it was doing as you described. I then removed it and opened TSSL tuner on same XVGBTC pair and backtesting results behaved properly. I then removed TSSL tuner and reloaded BB-RSI tuner again (still on XVGBTC) and it behaved normally so I don't have a clue why it is doing this. I can tell you TradingView is extremely buggy, I know that's not the answer you were hoping for but it is all I have to tell you.

As far as the PERIOD... yes it is being picked up directly. There are some of the tuners that require it's entry and others which do not. I have included only when needed.

The script BB-RSI has the paremeter "RSI Length", but Gunbot has not. How to apply this parameter in Gunbut?

I published this script before GunbotXT BB-RSI was finalized and released so I was unsure if Gunthar would include that option or not. RSI Length has been hardcoded in GunbotXT to 14 so it should not be changed in my script from that value. 14 is the trading standard for RSI Length anyways. Hope that helps.

PS... The reason I have left it in there now is because "Inputs" variables should not be changed in Pine scripts after publishing or you run the risk of users receiving parsing errors. If I were to remove it now it would blow your TradingView account's mind and the script would no longer function properly without you having to set up an entirely new TradingView account and re-adding it.

UPDATE: GunbotXT BB-RSI tuner had an issue with not making hardly any buys. I discovered an issue where an extra set of close parentheses in the sell formulae were preventing most buys. This is completely unexplainable because having that extra set should not have mattered. If it did matter, then it should have prevented ALL buys, but instead was only preventing MOST buys. Pushed an update so next time you load it should be fixed.

Changed   ((sell formula))   to   (sell formula)


1) As seen in the screenshot below, although the BB is hit several times with the defualt parameters set to start from 1st November, it shows no profit and no trades. Why might this be?  The same thing happens in other strategies as well. Is it because it doesn't satisfy the minimum gain value somehow?

Please read the above reasons...,1788.msg8746.html#msg8746 and,1788.msg8747.html#msg8747

2) You mentioned the parameters set in the scripts were defaults of Gunbot but for BB for example; yours has SMA: 20, High BB: 18, Low BB: 40 where as Gunbot defaults are SMA: 50, High BB: 45, Low BB: 45. Is there something I am missing here or have things changed in the few days you published this and the GB got published?

No this is a misunderstanding, I am merely showing you where the "defaults" settings are for TradingView indicators. Those just happened to be the settings I had in there when I published these on TradingView and you may use whatever settings you like including Gunbot's default settings.

3) The default strategy for BB RSI in Gunbot has High and Low BB set to 1, but in your strategy they are 40-18 again. Does Gunbot actually take these BB values in consideration of not? I think this might be a question about GB but... You putting them in your scripts made me wonder what that is about.

Yes Gunbot takes them into account, it may appear that they do not effect as much only because BOTH conditions (bb AND rsi) must be met.

4) I guess the list of trades tab do not REALLY work but show an overall gain in the long period, as it only shows a few trades even in the parameters you set for dates (back to the beginning of October).

List of trades tab absolutely does work. You are only seeing a few trades because you are looking at BB-RSI which is a slow (but very accurate) strategy. It doesn't trade as often as the other strategies. If you aren't seeing many trades on the other strategies then you either have your settings way off or you are trying to use pairs that may not be conducive to that strategy.

Is there a way to get alarms for this script like I can for other scripts?

No, there are two types of scripts... studies and strategies. Studies give you alerts, these tuners are strategies and do not give alerts. The sole purpose of these is for helping users to find good settings in Gunbot and also to be used as a visual learning aid as to how the actual Gunbot strategies work.

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