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 Hello everybody! Not sure if really a bug or if my understanding of DCA is off. I've been using Gunbot for a couple years now and been a pretty big fan of the DCA system. I've been away from the bot for about six months though and coming back I'm a bit thrown off on how it's now working in the newest v20 of the program. I'm almost positive that in previous versions it would apply the range you set in DU Method & Buydown to the latest purchase you've made instead of always referring to the original purchase. Example: if you set 0.5 to both, it wouldn't perform a third purchase until it was 0.5 down from the second DCA buy.

 Currently I'm using DCA with Method & Buydown both set to 0.5 then TrailMe DU turned on with a setting of 0.25. It'll trigger multiple DCA purchases back to back when it sees the proper trailing being matched even if they're right next to each other at the same price. So it's only using DU Method & Buydown to look that it's below the set amount in comparison to the original purchase. I'm pretty sure it use to take additional purchases into consideration so that it wouldn't buy at the same price again and again burning through your DCA Cap Count.

 Anyone else experiencing this? Am I off in my understanding? I know I want it to consider the latest purchase instead of always referring to the original so that it can keep working it's way down and better utilizing each Cap Count as it can get pretty expensive quickly. Like I said before, I'm pretty sure that's always the way it's worked so I wanted to post a bug report on this, but not entirely sure it's a bug verse the program changing in the new version.

 Thanks for your time, /cheers


 Hello! Just wanted to pop in with another quick bug report. Same as my last one I'm running the newest version 20 of the bot inside Windows. While trading on GDAX the bottom left timeline buttons (right before the "Go To..." button) don't actually work properly. For example if I click 5y it gives me 1 week. Here's what it pulls up for each button:

5y = 1 week
1y = 1 week
6m = 2 hours
3m = 1 hour
1m = 30 minutes
5d = 5 minutes
1d = 1 minute

 Just wanted to make a post letting everybody know though I'm sure you've figured this one out on your own if you've clicked them. /cheers


 Just wanted to pop in with a quick bug report. Currently while using the newest version 20 of the program inside Windows pairs will continue to operate even after being turned off. I've tried this with both manually turning off pairs (which strikes them out with a line) and using the count sell function to automatically turn them off. The GUI will not show them anymore though they are still trading in the background. The only way I've been able to stop a pair from trading is to delete it from the pairs list completely. I've experimented with this a couple times to make sure it's happening before posting, just wanted to let everybody know in the case it's not just me.


Beginners & Help / Using different trailing ranges per DCA cap count?
« on: November 12, 2020, 05:14:32 PM »

 Hello everybody! Been a while since I've been around but it's great to see things still progressing here. A year or two back I remember seeing a thread where a guy had created the ability for the bot to place trailing DCA orders at different percentages depending on what number of it's cap count it was on. I've searched the forums and can't seem to find it again. I'd like to try this out in the newest v20 of the bot and am not sure where to start. Example: DCA #1 is purchased on a trailing of 0.25%, DCA #2 is purchased on a trailing of 0.5%, and DCA #3 is purchased on a trailing of 1%. I never fully explored the previous persons post about this so I'm not sure how he achieved this I just remember seeing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, /cheers!

Technical Support & Development / fixed
« on: March 08, 2019, 08:32:06 PM »

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