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Beginners & Help / N00b Question : How to force a buy or a sell Cycle
« on: April 15, 2021, 06:20:06 PM »
OK, so I know this wll probably sound dumb, but here it is...
I cannot figure out why on earth, the bot seems to always want to do the opposite of what I have in mind (trying to sell when  want it to buy and vice versa) !

What I'm trying to do :
In order to get started simply with automation, I want to setup a simple TSSL "buy" bot that will ONLY buy, only once, with a trailing target as price goes down.
(and then a second strat for selling, that will only sell, and I plan on firing those two strats manually, instead of using the useless stop-limit orders from the exchange).

Problem :
Even though Selling is DISABLED in my "TSSL-Buy-only" strat...
...The bot stil thinks it should be in a sell cycle when I start it.

Nope, dear bot, I want you in a BUY cycle !
HOW do you tell the bot to ignore whatever makes it think it should be in a sell cycle (previous orders on my account, I guess), and switch to a Buy cycle ?

In other words : How do you force a cycle ?

I have tried setting "ignore transactions before..." but it doesn't change the behaviour.

What "duh" setting am I missing ?

Thanks in advance for the help !

Beginners & Help / Re: How do you use RESERVE_PILE_UP
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:56:30 AM »
From the Git:
8683df2: Implementing withdraw_address setting: your btc address you want Gunbot to withdraw your profits too. WARNING: optional and dangerous setting. It needs RESERVE_PILE_UP set to true, withdraw permission at your exchange API settings. You can set a threshold using withdraw_threshold setting (example if set to 1, gunbot will withdraw to your address when you pile up 1btc of profit from your original invested capital). Despite this setting is useful to actually see profits in a more real way, i highly suggest to USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK).

So, no: I don't think this setting is what you're looking for...

Which leaves us with the question :
HOW can we tell the bot that what we want to do is NOT accumulate BTC, but accumulate the ALT of our pair instead... ???

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