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Beginners & Help / N00b Question : How to force a buy or a sell Cycle
« on: April 15, 2021, 06:20:06 PM »
OK, so I know this wll probably sound dumb, but here it is...
I cannot figure out why on earth, the bot seems to always want to do the opposite of what I have in mind (trying to sell when  want it to buy and vice versa) !

What I'm trying to do :
In order to get started simply with automation, I want to setup a simple TSSL "buy" bot that will ONLY buy, only once, with a trailing target as price goes down.
(and then a second strat for selling, that will only sell, and I plan on firing those two strats manually, instead of using the useless stop-limit orders from the exchange).

Problem :
Even though Selling is DISABLED in my "TSSL-Buy-only" strat...
...The bot stil thinks it should be in a sell cycle when I start it.

Nope, dear bot, I want you in a BUY cycle !
HOW do you tell the bot to ignore whatever makes it think it should be in a sell cycle (previous orders on my account, I guess), and switch to a Buy cycle ?

In other words : How do you force a cycle ?

I have tried setting "ignore transactions before..." but it doesn't change the behaviour.

What "duh" setting am I missing ?

Thanks in advance for the help !

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