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Author Topic: Rules and how to sell second hand licenses  (Read 14557 times)

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Rules and how to sell second hand licenses
« on: August 28, 2020, 07:30:57 PM »
Looking to sell your Gunbot license? Looking to buy a second hand license? Look no further, you are in the right place. In the following lines we are going to explain how to buy or sell a second hand Gunbot license with an Official scrow that will assure the license is transferred in a safe way.

Before starting using this second hand buy & sell system, you need to fully understand how it works and follow these rules:

1- First of all, use this invitation link to join the official Gunbot second hand licenses channel:

2- Note that this isn’t a group, it’s a channel, that is, you can’t chat. In order to post your sale, you have to contact to one of the Official scrows via Telegram or via PM in this forum:

Aitor: Telegram = @AitorRuiz

Javier: Telegram = @JavierAlv

3- Once you contact one of the official scrows, your license will be verified and ready for being sold. At this moment, we will post your sale in our channel, so the potential buyers can see it.

Example 1:  Pro license – 0.05 btc – My telegram: @YourUsername

Example 2: Ultimate license + 25000 Gunthy tokens – 0.165 btc – My telegram: @YourUsername

5- As you can see, the sale include your Telegram username. This way the potential buyers will be able to contact you and get to an agreement.

6- Once you reach to an agreement, contact with one of the Official scrows via Telegram: @AitorRuiz or @JavierAlv, so the license transfer will be safe and successful.


Additional notes

– By default, the seller has to send the Gunthy tokens that comes with the license to the buyer. In the case he doesn’t, he must clarify it to the buyer before proceeding with the sale.

– By default, the price especified by the seller is the total price, including escrow fees. In the case the seller wants to apply escrow fees to the buyer, apart from the license price, he must clarify it to the buyer before proceeding with the sale.


Additional security tips

a) This is the official channel where buying and selling second hand licenses is allowed. Do not trade anywhere else or you will be exposed to a very high chance of getting scammed.

b) Contact the admins directly if you have any question or request.

c) Escrow is a must. If you trade without a scrow or use a scrow that is not listed in this post as Official Scrow, you will be scammed and we won’t be able to help you.

d) Watch out for impostors, always double check the Telegram username (every single letter) is a Official Escrow: @AitorRuiz or @JavierAlv . It’s recommended to click on a username to open a chat with the respective escrow yourself.
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