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Hi, My StepGrid strategy keeps selling at a loss, I don't think it is supposed to be doing that?

It will DCA / buy down in steps. Then it will sell some at a profit, then all of a sudden it will decide to sell bags it bought higher up as well, at a -PNL loss.  :(

I haven't changed the quote currency or done any manual trading on the active pairs. I have added some base currency to my spot account whilst the pairs have been active, which I wouldn't imagine would cause this issue?

Appreciate any insights, this is concerning. D5

Hello, first post here.

I have decided to revisit the Spotgrid strategy as I read it had been updated to no longer buy back it's bags instantly after selling them. (This was a deal breaker so I wasn't using it)

However it appears it's still not working well.
It keeps selling bags and then buying them back less than 2 minutes later at <0/1% difference than where it sold.
The market fees are set at 0.1% so the bot buying back 0.08% higher than when it sold within minutes makes no sense at all. It'd be better just holding that back and selling it higher.
Even if it bought back when price retrace 0.1% after selling - that'd still be bad as it's not >0.2%(the buy/sell market fees)

Is there a solution for this? Like a buy timeout, or NBA or something? idk.

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