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Chaps, take a little control when using emontionless on v.943 ... it sold at loss on 2 trades out of 6 for me today. And the math sometimes doesn't work out on the gain set, despite the new function, where you can enter fees into the strategy.

Technical Support & Development / 4.0.5. on Krack ...
« on: August 27, 2017, 12:50:41 PM »
Man this thing is fast! it went through 3 deals in less than an 30 minutes from virgin start ...

Since this morning I keep getting this most of the time :

++2017/08/26 17:06:13 Error: Error in server response: {"code":"ESOCKETTIMEDOUT","connect":false}
!!! Cycle 5 failed. Will repeat in 60s

Yesterday it ran fine. I tried different time delay price settings, nothing seems to work. It's really frustrating, as most of the time I get failed cycles. The result is of course a lot of missed opportuinities as the bot simply fails buys, or if bought it doesn't sell, even at 10% gain, so I have to do it manually. What went wrong now?

Beginners & Help / bot fails buy
« on: August 10, 2017, 08:03:43 PM »
... even if last price is lower than price to buy. has not even made an order.

BTC'EUR last price 2927, price to buy 2933, price to sell null, nothing happend, there was a 10 min window of oportunity.

BTC'ETC last price 0.004533, price to buy 0.004500, price to sell null, also nothing. oportunity window still open.

I have a small balance of 0.03 btc, balance on trade set to 0.01. also on both pairs bot status undefined.

I don't get it. I run v3.2 on kraken, on BB set 21 and 29. On two other pairs the price to sell is way lower than price to buy. this also I don't get. any explanantions?
since i bought the bot a week ago it made only two trades and it kept price to sell in the BTC"ETH from the last trade even if it is lower tha the price to buy. what kind of logic is this?

Beginners & Help / My "baby" gunbot just made it's first order!
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:08:11 AM »
Got my gunbot yesterday with the kind assistance of Young mr. Nark here. I wouldn't let it run thruogh the night because thunderstorm. I started it on two pairs on my home pc this morning ... and it made it's first order! I'm so excited I'm almsot ashamed of myself ...

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