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Title: Poloniex API URL changed - solved
Post by: kilpi78 on September 15, 2022, 09:47:07 PM
Had Poloniex 422 error issues after summer. Tried fixing this but nothing has yet worked:
Bot delay, new API, new server etc. I can see in Poloniex API section that new key has Never contacted yet.
Contacted their support and they said API url has changed. I could not find this Url in bot files.
Are those there or does this need development work ? If that might help the situation.

Public: wss://
Private: wss://
Public: wss://
Private: wss://

edit.  Heard url is not editable, its hard coded
If users are still using Poloniex then this should not be my problem. Something else but what

edit2 At least New build 24.5.6 works with Poloniex again. Thank you developers  :)