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Beginners & Help / Re: Gunbot Monitor - Oversee all GUNBOTs in one screen
« on: November 02, 2018, 04:20:51 PM »
Are there any plans to update for Gunbot v10 and beyond?

For the third time, it has nothing to do with Okkies. It is a TSSL related problem. I was also able to reproduce it on ichimoku. It seems it has something to do with low-volume trades.

When BUY_ENABLED is set to false, DOUBLE_UP is also disabled.

Make it so that these two options do not overlap. Scenario: you want to get rid of a bag, but don't want to buy again after selling.

All good and Gunbot is the message displayed when using emotionless strategy. I've included some pairs with emotionless to demonstrate that other strategies work. You can actually see in the screen cap that MFI is 43. The limit for OKKIES was set at 35.

The problem is related to tssl. Sometimes there's the inconsistency I mentioned: state is not saved in .json files for certain pairs and "Core checks" table does not appear.

Yesterday and today this happens on Poloniex, only for two pairs: ETH-ETC and ETH-STEEM.

And today it's working fine...  ???

I have come across some inconsistent behavior regarding ETH pairs on Bittrex. Examine the following screen cap:

If it is selected a strategy that involves tssl (or combinations of tssl), the table is not displayed and the state is not saved in .json files. I was unable to determine (yet) if trades are being made. This seems to be limited to ETH pairs, as BTC pairs work as intended. The same behavior is NOT exhibited on Poloniex, for example, where all works well.

The first post says you can use a free tradingview account, however intraday candles are not available on free accounts.

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